DIYEboards remote - reality check

Before I plunk down my hard earned cash does anyone have any experience with this remote?


I’ve had this one. It’s usable and i did not had dropouts in the beginning. But after I rebuilt my board i got drop outs. I think the remote from torqueboards or the Nano X is more reliable. Look here on the forum, there are some used and new ones for sale. Where are you located?

I got mine from aliexpress. Never had a drop out

This is the same transmitter as the old meepo/wowgo etc with a separate receiver. They work fine. Bit touchy as they have very short throttle throw but then so do my nano and nano x. They all behave very similar imo and I would be hard pushed to tell them apart. Its a matter of preference really. I prefer the longer travel of say a maytech but they are more expensive. None of mine have had drop out issues though so again its a matter of preference.

The Nano X has lot more throw then that remote. And if i recall correctly you can not calibrate it before each ride like the second iteration of the nano remote which torqueboards is selling now. @dareno

@goldrabe my bad Thats the first diyeboards remote which does look remarkably similar to both of the others and would have the same throttle throw as both my tb and nano x. The new one has about 5mm more travel on the wheel. Obviously the x has a different form factor. I have had all three of these and they all shared the same characteristics image image image

Went a little off the point of this topic @DougM sorry. That remote is fine and good for the money.

I still think it’s the first iteration of the Nano remote, which I had not so good experience with. I don’t know if 39$ plus shipping for outdated tech is a good deal. And no, it’s not similar to those what they are selling with their generic ESC.

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I have NanoX’s now - so this is sounding like a step backwards. Think I’ll wait.

Thank you!


Did you fix the drop outs? We have to remotes from diyeboard. One works perfectly but the other one does not… The receiver shutdown by itself, and the esk8 go full throttle, its very dangerous.

Any one has any idea?

Thanks in advance!

The DIYeboard remote is the old winning remote which is known for signal dropouts.
Your issue with the board going full speed is that you need to set the fail safe on the reciever with the small bridging key which came with the remote. Search for how to set failsafe and do it accordingly. I ditched that remote and can recommend the Flipsky VX1.
Here is a good write up on most all remotes available. The Forum is also worth a look. :smiley: http:///esk8-remotes-garbage-or-greatness/

For the record I dumped all the Nano-X’s and went to the Hoyt St. remotes. So far zero problems.

I realize they are expensive, but I would easily pay a premium not to be limping for 6 weeks. Or worse.