Motor Mount cracked after only a few rides!

Hey guys,

Anyone else have this issue? My motor mount just cracked after only a few rides since i just got my VESC working!

Damn that sucks. I hope they replace it… did you weld that on? Anyway, I’ve seen it happen before, imho aluminum is too weak for this application sometimes, too much stress. I hope to see more companies make steel mounts soon. Do you know why it broke? Too much agree from the belt? Did it get hit by something?

You might have had too much tension on the belt, but it’s impossible to tell from the “after” pictures.

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I noticed a squeaking noise from my motor and realized it was the belt and the motor pulley because the mount is cracked like crazy. I am 120 pounds. I don’t think its my weight. The pulley wasn’t too tight, i had a veteran builder check my entire setup here in So Cal.

That sucks. Had that happen on one of mine, too. Contact @torqueboards. I’m sure he’ll take care of it.

@kaywerks - These mounts were pretty fragile due to the bolt holes added. You can see that the bolt hole was where the crack started. Send us your Order # and we’ll send you a replacement motor mount.

If it was mounted much closer and less further out you wouldn’t of had this issue from the beginning. It’s partly how it’s setup although it shouldn’t do that.


Weird. I’m 230lbs and never had an issue with mine. Made sure to stay on top of my belt tension though.

And dexter does it again, best customer service ever!!!


Hey man,

I had your same break in my TB mount a couple weeks ago from that batch and Dexter sent me out a brand new one ASAP.

Definitely no need to worry :wink:

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Same thing happened to me. Dexter will make it right for you. I switched over to the bolt on mount and it has been working great.

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Sweet! i’ll send him my order number! Let you guys know once i get it!

There is no need for the axle slot to extend beyond the bolt slots, should actually be shorter ,… which would have created a much stronger mount !!

Mine cracked in the same spot, but not all the say through. It still works though

@torqueboards I PM’ed you my order number, do you need anything else?