website broken?

Am I the only one? When I try open diy’s website, some kind of trashsite pops up.

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I happens to me sporadically. I guess they aren’t paying their domain hosting fees lol

Nope, it’s blocked for me as well under my school firewall which is otherwise nonexistent. I’ve actually never seen it block anything before and i’ve been able to access DIYES before on the same network, it says security threat.

Looks fine to me. I have had issues depending on the DNS service I’m using (openDNS has been particularly problematic)

For the first few weeks that I was researching builds. I would follow links to parts mentioned on the forum. I would get those ads every time, it was very frustrating and made research that much more difficult. It didn’t matter how I tried to get to . Maybe it was because I was using my phone. Now, I don’t get them at all… I didn’t change anything on my end, they just stopped.

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Just tested with google DNS and it works. So there seems to be a corrupted DNS server somewhere in the Chain.