Do any of the usual suppliers do drivetrains for the Kegels?

Hello folks,

just seen the LHB James Kelly build, and it’s sweet. I’m currently riding Kegels, and I love em, and hearing someone else say that who knows more than I do makes me feel like I should stick with them instead of paying more to try more wheel types (I’ve got a set of 97mm Bigfoots from eBay on the way…).
That, and apart from the fact they’re 80mm and my roads here in London probably need a 90 or 97mm.

I know Alien Power does a mounting system for Kegels - does anyone else?

Ta. g

has a pulley for kegels, but they’re based in SF, California. Evolve does them as you saw on the LHB thread. There are also a couple places you can find it online for a 3D drawing to print.

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as @Jinra mentions, you can print or have them printed. @JuniorPotato93 made a grip of them. I’m running the 36T 12mm version. Here’s a bunch of options:


thanks guys. much appreciated.

If your not afraid of cutting your truck, you can go with the evolve pulley kit

that’s the thing - in general would prefer not to do stuff like that, mainly because i’d be doing it on my kitchen table… :wink:

hahaha… I have a similar setup, but the electronic are starting to take over… :sweat_smile:

my electronics are now on the picnic table, which is at the back of the kitchen… :wink:

You’ll probably see some from Enertion soon. They posted a pic of their new enertion kegel wheel on instagram