Do I spend $1300 on a Raptor 2 or build my own board?

Im thinking about this as I have the chance to buy a raptor 2 at $1300 I’ve seen them sell from the $1500-1700 range and I think that $1300 is a steal (if it isnt let me know). I also am thinking of DIYing really hard (been making parts list and talking to people on here for parts). Not sure which way to lean as both are good.

For that price you can build a sweet board. Or don’t and just ride


Build your own. I have my DIY that’s been running for almost two years with little to no problems. My Raptor 2 has had so many problems that I’ve barely been able to ride it.


Is the Raptor 2 BNIB? Do you have experience riding direct drive? Does the 1 warranty transfer over? Or what happens if a part doesn’t work?

If you did DIY, do you have someone FTF that can assist if needed? My friend helped me. Parts and deck was ~$1500. However, because of my original setup and the roads I ride, I broke several motor magnets. I fried one VESC when riding single motor with dual setup :see_no_evil:. All of that cost more.

Personally, I have not tried the Raptor 2 but it sounds like a good deal BNIB.

dang really I thought it was a good board :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for letting me know

It’s used BNIB I found one for $1500

No experience direct drive been riding a Boosted for 3 years now.

The warranty does transfer, and are you referring to like manufacture defect of buying it from the dude

Id say build your dream build :rofl:

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Neither. You buy a Metroboard or build your own board. Don’t buy hub motor stuff.


Have you looked into Marbel board they’re belt motor. Plus they have slick looking design. Metroboard imo has the old school big box design. Not trying to offend any Metroboard owners out there.

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i didn’t know marble still existed thought they went under after the 1.0 failed terribly

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The raptor 2 has issues.

Full Urethane wheels… are just better.

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Deck - Hi5ber Zenith

Trucks - @torqueboards TORQUEBOARDS 218MM TRUCKS

Wheels - ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels

Bearings - Zealous

Enclosure - @eboosted Hi5ber Zenith Enclosure

Battery - @psychotiller 10s5p w/ charger, display, charge only bms and mosfet switch

(x2) ESC - Enertion FOCBOX

(x2) Motors - 6374 190kv

@marcmt88 Complete Drive System

Controller - Enertion Nano X


That build looks better than R2,

Nice high quality wheels that shouldn’t chip, Bulletproof Trucks, Massive motors!

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Do you know anything about the remote question I asked? if not I might start a discussion about it!

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GT2B remote Is super reliable Carvon sells a 50mph awd board with that remote in a mod case. as for the Nano X, Well it looks a lot like the bad rep winning remote.

and well The GT2B I think! has more travel than the nano, Giving you more control over the throttle and brake,

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Gotcha, think I might sub out the Nano X for it then I don’t want to mess around with reliability


Do I spend $1300 on a Raptor 2 or build my own board?


Don’t buy hub motor stuff.

…buy your own board… for the same reason you don’t see Inboard M1s, Acton Quattros, or Lou Boards around here.

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yup thanks man

I have the Raptor 2, I’m having issues like everyone does, but support has been great and solving all of them (slowly) I couldn’t ride it as much as a like, but it is a really great product, I’m coming from diy dual belts and I really hope I not need to go back to them. Power wise is great and the riding experience is really good. I’m again waiting and not riding which is shit, honestly, but I think when everything is nailed is going to be like endless ride and fun, almost no maintenance, no need it to open it to tweak anything, no belt adjustment, no motor moving, no stones in the pulleys, etc,etc… in the end I would buy it again. Just hoping all problems they are facing got solved quickly.


There won’t be any skateboardwithout problems, those things are like cars, they get brokenb down every once in a while.