Do you clean your motors?

Happy New Year to all !

I noticed that even after a few rides on relatively clean roads, my drivetrain tends to accumulate all sorts of dirt and gunk. I think it’s wise to keep the pulleys and belt clean. Does anyone here clean his motors ? Is it necessary ? Do you open them up ? What is your cleaning process ?

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I usually give mine a wipe down but thats all.

Every six months I take it apart as much as I can, wipe everything with isopropyl, spray it with compressed air, and check the bearings for play. Maintenance prevents surprises.

You should also be checking any screws for general looseness at least twice as often, across the whole board, not just the motor.

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To clean brushless motors i just wash them off with distilled water and blast them dry with comperssed air.

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I ride 50+ miles a week, EVERY week. My wheels come off once or twice a week for a wipe off and to check the belt for worn teeth, this happens anytime I hear or feel something odd. Squeaking, taping, clicking, etc. Wheel bearings get fully soapy washed out and re-lubed once a month, along with trucks, bushings, hardware, and risers. I got the cir-clip tool so I could take the motor apart and wipe off the bearings. I have about 400 miles on my new motor and I’ve done this twice. Inside the can I use a toothbrush to pull the dust on the magnets to the edge, and remove with loops of masking tape. There’s a lot of magnetic dust on my commute, compressed air won’t work well for me because there’s no place i can blow the motor out and not pick it all back up later on.