Do you have a broken VESC for sale?

Hey guys,

so the title says it all pretty much… I am looking for VESCs that are broken. I want to repair them or possibly use the parts on them for some other project in the future. So if you have a VESC you are willing to sell please let me know. :slight_smile: Ideally with all the parts on it but if you have already taken something off just tell me, I might still be interrested. :slight_smile:

Also the reason why the VESC has failed would be nice or maybe just what you think happened or what you were doing when it failed and so on… just some info on its history before i buy it is necessary :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I’ve a broken VESC-X and some pieces of older VESCs aswell. Are you in Europe otherwise it would be too expensive to ship broken stuff

Yes I am from Europe but it is not all that expensive it is just slow :smiley: I usually pay around 7 euros for shipping with tracking to America and it takes roughly 3 weeks which is not all that bad for the price. However I have no information on shipping to Europe from other parts of the World…

what would you pay for this? (story in description)

Well It is hard to value that because there is not as much documentation for FOCBOXes as there is to VESCs. I could try, I just have no idea how much is the VESC schematic and BOM applicable to FOCBOX…

I have one that the MCU needs to be replaced.

I have one that kinda works, but it’s just under-powered…

I have two flier vesc, I’d be willing to let go of for $25 each. One of them does not respond when applying power, the other one failed recently, but I forgot what happened to it. Both have heat sinks on them.

I have an Olin vesc with a bad drv, I also have a spare drv just never felt like replacing it

Hey! Thank you guys but I just bought 4 broken ones. I will see what I can do with them and if it goes good I will buy more! :smiley: But I dont want to waste much money and have dead VESC laying everywhere :smiley: The 4 VESCs should arrive shortly so I will get back to you once I will see what I can do with them :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I want more now! :3 :smiley: I repaired the ones I bought before and they work awesomely. I would prefer if you are in Europe because I am having some tax issues right now with two VESCs that they dont want to let through… mother******s :smiley:

I have a completely new vesc from DIYelectricskateboards that i got a DRV8302 error on. Nothing is soldered or anything. Hit me up ifyou are interested

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Just sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

@Martinsp Perhaps you could sell me an can receiver chip? 401

Yeah sure. The shipping is more expensive than the chip tho :smiley: Where are you from? So that I can know exactly what the price is.

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Yeah haha I know. But mouser is charging me 20€ for shipping. And ebay ~5 € + 4-6 weeks shipping :stuck_out_tongue: I’m from Finland , pietarsaari

Oh OK so the shipping under 150g (lowest weight category) is 4,7€ so I would give it to you for 7€ I order 100 usually from mouser so I still profit like 1€ selling it to you :smile: Pm me if you are interested. :slight_smile:


Does someone has another one to sell ?

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What version would you like?

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I have 4 xlx2 waterproof mambas 2 are brand new in the box new…2 are used and leads are shorter then new ones… lol make me an offer?