Do you have to modify the truck to use an Evolve wheel pulley on Calibre II's?

Want to upgrade my build to 100mm Kegels. If I get an Evolve pulley do I have to chop off some truck? Or can I do the old “reverse the wheel nut” trick? Anybody tried it before? Can it squeeze on?

Yea you need to chop about 10mm off. I’d say get some @JLabs pulleys instead


It has a bearing with 10 mm bore so you would need to change that too. Plenty of other more durable solutions out there. Either BKB, 3dservisas (Kuglis) or e.board_solutions


100mm kegels?

He probably means these


Was hoping to buy local, but looks like I cannot this time. Thanks for replying.


I’ll look into them.

Thanks for replying.

I do mean these. Was looking to soften out my ride a bit.

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lol i know :wink:

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