Do you need a bms for lipos?

So I’m thinking about building my first esk8 and I was wondering if you need a bms if you are willing to charge with a balance charger. If it is needed what would you recommend for a 6s lipo battery

BMS is better.

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i personally use lipos, and initially went no bms. charging was a pain in the ass to remove the enclosure, remove batteries, hook to balance charger, wait 2-3 hrs, then put back in enclosure just to repeat. i got a bms and a 6amp charger and i dont regret it one bit.i think its a worthwhile investment

Noob question - why wait 2-3 hrs after you’ve charged them?

For starting out, I didn’t get a BMS and I just had balance leads sandwiched between my enclosure, a weatherstripping seal and the board. It worked great! not quite as nice as a BMS since I had to connect the balance leads every time I needed to charge, but if you are looking for something easy, you can always start without a BMS using a hobby charger and eventually buy a BMS.

I think I will start without a bms then

2-3 FOR charging…slow balance charging vs a 6a charger on a 60a bms

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have a look at @Namasaki s build and do some reading through this forum my friend

If I use 5 of these battery’s in series would it become a 10s2p battery?

10s1p… if you used 10, 5 in series it would be 10s2p.

I initially started using a bms. Then the bms failed and I couldn’t be bothered replacing it. I’m now running without a bms for half a year. Works like a charm.

But there are 4 cells in that battery so if I use then I would have 40 cells, so it wouldn’t be 10s2p but 10s4p right?

Never used a BMS I could see the convenience factor but I just made it easy to get my batteries in and out. Before I did the removable battery enclosure I just made it so I could access the balance leads through a small hole at the top of the battery case and put xt-90 plugs into the side of the enclosure so could just charge with them on the board. I put the antispark as a connection between two 5S batteries to make 10S so to charge I’d just remove the loop key and charge each 5S separately.

With my 500W charger (keenstone ar1) I can charge the two 5S 5Ah in parallel at 1C or 10A

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What you said is correct 5 x 2s2p in series makes 10s2p :wink: