Do you think it would be possible to buy a meepo board and swap out parts for better components?

I was just wondering about this, because so far I’ve heard great things about the meepo board aside from voltage sag and others.

Hub motors and the ESC might not be a good idea to mess with, but would it be possible to switch out the meepo’s for a similarly spec’d battery pack with a higher C rating? That might not play well with the settings on the ESC, but it’d be an interesting hypothetical

EDIT: Swapping the ESC top get more speed

Yes, but then you would need a new enclosure because you will need a bigger battery to ‘lessen’ the voltage sag… you could all ways build your own and just by the individual parts off of eBay or Taobao (considering that all Meepo does).

Yeah I’m 90% done with my own DIY board, this is all just hypotheticals I was wondering about from watching the videos on it ha

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Just go the usual DIY route and get yourself a VESC and a decent drive train. Stay away from the meepo… I’ve seen the inside job and its a big fkn mess.

I’ve watched a few vids about the meepo and i’m sure I have seen more than a couple people say the deck itself felt cheap and had little or no concave. One vid I watched last night from FabTrav on youtube they were discussing how it compared to the BB. Obviously it won’t have that quality for $300. Then again most people are surprised at how well it works for the price and seem quite content with it. If you get it and everything is working good maybe change the deck first.

Good Luck

Next week i’m gonna be doing Meepo upgrade to 12s2p pack from DIY and different deck. Testing w/o load at 50v seemed to work fine. Still have to load test but Kieran confirmed the ESC and motor works at 50v. He’s not sure how long though, so I’ll have to find out.

Cool! Let me know what you find out!

will do! 10char

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please let me know how easy it is to swap deck. even better…make a video of it. im curious how you would run the wires from battery to esc neatly. will you use flat wires or carve into the deck for the clean look… thanks!

I’ve seen people do 10s2p setups in the past. It stands to reason that you should be able to swap the esc’s for Vescs, run detections, program the vesc and it should theoretically work. I don’t know what the amp draw is for his motors though but i doubt it is too high as he is selling with 10s2p pack.

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check the link in my reply to Veovis! Sorry, forgot to answer your Q. I’m planning on replacing the battery and enclosure which will house the ESC from Meepo as well. Based on other posting on reddit, many people are showing how to upgrade the deck. For a clean divided enclosures you’ll have to route the wire above the deck along a slot and cover with grip tape.

I asked Meepo when they might release their own battery upgrade. Well they just did so yesterday and it is on their site. That price can’t be right though right (more expensive than a Meepo board)? I have asked him a few times if it is right already. Am waiting for a response now.

20 cells of SANYO 20700B cells.

10S2P 8.5AH

RANGE around 30 kms or more.

  • a few reading moments later, I haven’t heard back from him but it seems that the price is legit. It is just still unclear to me what you are getting when you order it.

Text from the page: WHEN YOU need to Upgrade your Meepo Board to SANYO battery.

You chose variation of REPLACE/UPGRADE. We will ship your meepo board with SANYO battery and WITHOUT ordinary battery. Price for this is $240 on sale price. So if I order this am I right in thinking that I will get a complete Meepo board with the Sanyo battery?

WHEN you picked EXTRA battery, we will send an SANYO battery as extra. Price for this is $270. If I order this am I right in thinking I will get a complete Meepo board with Samsung battery plus a Sanyo battery as extra, or a complete Meepo board with Sanyo battery and an extra Sanyo battery?

It is just so unclear to me, not to mention that if you simply order the Meepo board the price is $259.99

Okay I got an answer. Price is battery only.

Sounds about right, they’re usually that expensive on other sites

Just buy the Meepo components from It’s probably cheaper than buying a Meepo and throwing away half of it.

The line is under the grip tape and in-bedded in a cut out grove in the board then drops through a hole. If someone knows how to use a l machine you could cut a groove in your own board

I read that too. I though it was a mistake (a typo). The price didst make scene. Cant you just buy one from hobby king along with some connectors

I went ahead and bought it anyway. Still waiting on tracking info but I expected that. Should receive that info 20 days after order.

I bought one too. Just waiting for it to get here as well. I saw the reviews about the deck so I went and bought my own. I got the bamboo white wave drifter I will be transferring the components. It will be “The White Wave Drifter Meepo Board” I will take it for a few rides, then do the transfer and post the process.

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