Does anyone have experience with omni esk8 double kingpin trucks?

I have been considering these trucks for my build, the reviews i can find say they are really good. But like they are 400 dollars. I was wondering if anyone here has riden them and can tell me how you like them?

If I were spending that kind of money, I would get rkp trucks, wider and less money. You cant go fast on dkp. And they are too sloppy, for precision to matter that much. Then you would get riptide bushings on them and add more money.

Unless you are a slalom racer, I think rkp is enough turn.

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Ill look into the pros and cons of them. I have never used them. If i do choose rpk’s, can i just get a set of tkt’s and turn them into rpk’s?

Yes, but check to see if you have enough height, to not skid wheels on board. They make a tall alum thingie to jack up height of modified trucks.

Better to get some that are as designed.

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