Does anyone have VESC Tool 1.10 or 1.11 (fw 3.56 Support)

I ordered a vesc from flipsky and it came on FW 3.56. However, I can’t update the firmware (maybe an issue with the bootloader) and would rather not deal with an ST-Link v2. It appears that I am stuck on FW 3.56 but I can’t find any VESC version that support it. The closest thing I’ve found is 1.09 and 1.12 which is a no-go. I was wondering if anyone in the community has VESC tool v1.10 or v.1.11 that they could send to me, thanks.

Looking for it too

I got you covered.

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Omg thanks so much you legit did my day!

Did you manage to run the detection ? Everytime I try I’ve this message “All VESCs must have the latest firmware to perform this operation.” even tho I did update the firmware… I’m using a Flipsky Dual 4.20

I used just the single so I’m not entirely sure. What FW are they on? Try messaging flipsky to see if they’ll send you a new one. That’s what I did so now I have two functioning vescs…one for free


They are on FW 3.58 but i guess I must put them on 3.55 or 3.56? I’m curently messaging them to try to make this work but I’ll try to ask for a new one if it doesnt work