Does anyone know how to slide a eks8?

Well I was always daydreaming one day I could become a downhill rider, doing slides and moves they usually did. Then I built my eboard but couldn’t even brake the friction at all. Is because the wheels we use are bigger and softer then those downhill riders’? Trucks and bushings’ setup? Risers? Do we have to use motor brake in order to slide?

So, any experts in sliding can give some advice? Especially sliding with a eboard. Thanks. :astonished:

I’ve been wanting to learn to slide but it’s kind of intimidating. Having to hold a controller makes it difficult also because you can only use one hand/slide glove. It’s definitely possible though there is a video of a kid about 13 years old riding a altered board doing a slide with 107mm abecs. That board is heavy and contact patch is huge. So I think it’s about skill, commitment and not being afraid of getting hurt

Here watch @onloop

Well I’m thinking about like a long slide which downhill riders do to reduce the speed, that kind of slide. But @onloop was already amazing enough to me, I haven’t broken any friction in my life. :cry:

This kid slides a bit towards the end

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It’s easier to slide on a board with shorter wheelbase, smaller and harder wheels. :wink:

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I thought it was the wheels as well. However, there are videos on youtube of DHL riders sliding on flyhwheels and kegels, both orange and purple ones.

It is much easier to learn on a setup like this. But once you’ve got it down, the skills are easily transferrable to softer wheels and longer wheelbases. For example, I originally learned on a double-kick with hard wheels, but now I can standup slide 90mm 75a Flywheels on a 44" deck. (which is about the exact opposite you’d want in a slide deck)

My e-skate is not quite finished yet, but I am curious to see how it slides…

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Best way to learn is in a smooth carpark (without cracks etc) that’s been wet down. You won’t need much speed to do a 180/360 slide, it’s how I learned, however my setup and the roads around here I’d never do it in the dry, it wouldn’t end well

I know I can slide a normal longboard reasonably easy enough, but i was worried about causing problems to the vesc/motor/ pulleys with all that tension and suddenly going in reverse… i’d be keen to try it on my flywheels when I get them if someone assures me that it wont kill my vescs etc. if i get alright at it i can try helping with weight dristribution etc to slide

Well what i’m focusing on is like this : break the traction then grip it back all the time. Doesn’t need to be 180/360, just curious about how eboard can do on a flat surface and uses it’s own power/speed to constantly doing these performances…

By the way, the speed in this clip is freaking insane…geared yourselves up guys.

Boosted can slide, but only downhill on concrete. Asphalt is too grippy.

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I got sweaty palms just watching that speed

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You can use your brakes to loose traction

I reckon vesc’s setup with abs wouldn’t let us do a perfect wheel-lock brake. Maybe like evolve’s brake performance would be a good attempt, lock the wheels up right the way.

The VESC doesn’t have abs. It’ll lock the wheels when u squeeze the brake. I do it everytime I’m out esk8ing :).

Oh I didn’t know that I thought it did have abs…kinda? Or adjust brake setting a bit higher?! Well I think I’m just too chicken to brake that intense lol. :sob:

It doesn’t have abs, but it has traction control. It took me a while to build confidence to slide (or drift??) and get the timing right. But it’s fun :smile: Good luck!

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