Does anyone know if this is a perfect esc to use on an electric skate board?

We’re going to need more specs on it to decide but from what I can see as long as the voltages match it should be ok. Everyone will tell you this but if you are willing to spend $100+ on an ESC the VESC is the clear choice, it is built for Esk8s and has the best brakes out of any car ESC. It all comes down to budget though.

Perfect? No

Will it work? Probably

Will it have terrible brakes? Probably

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Any particular reason to choose an ESC over a VESC? If you go VESC, I recommend going with an Ollin VESC or waiting for the V6.

The VESC is as close as we have to a perfect ESC for e-skating. This will probably work if you use the right settings and use it in a dual drive. Theirs a high chance you’ll blow 1 or even 2 up before you get the right settings. When it comes to the amp limit in these guys settings, they use words like medium, high, and very high… Not very useful if your engineering with real numbers, meaning you’ll likely blow one or two up before you get your settings right,

@evoheyax that is a funny story to tell someone… have you had these same trackstar ones personally?

I think there is higher chance of them failing while using them… not because of incorrect settings…

at least. havent heard about such failures a lot…

Not these specifically, but a few random brands like this including fvt. Before the vesc, I literally blew up while riding 4 hobby grade escs at different times on mono wheel drives. All had the same problem for me in common, which is that the settings are real numbers. They are words that don’t inform you whats really happening. Theres no way to do any math to verify anything before you use it. It’s basically trial and error with the settings. Once I got a FVT 150a with the settings correct, I had no real issues beside the brakes not being the best.

I also blew out 3 motors using the wrong settings too, one of which was an r-spec II.

Mind you, this was back when I knew nothing about e-skates and even RC stuff in general, so I was learning on the fly. If you have experience with RC stuff, you might not have these kinds of issues.

But in general, I just recommenced a high quality VESC, like Chakas, to avoid wasting money. I wasted over $500 on esc’s and motors before buying 2 ves that failed quickly also (another $220 down the drain). Finally said I’m tired of esc’s breaking, bought 2 Chaka vescs, followed by 2 more, followed by 4 more, and never had an issue since.

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@evoheyax hah yeh - the things you mentioned - does explain a few things and the possible outcome…

I agree,. it is trial and error and sometimes these 10% or whatever, the next setting, in car esc software might make a huge impact and you wont be able to tune in between these 2 settings the software offers…

This part of your text about brakes also summarizes ‘‘the whole experience’’ with car esc braking situation very nicely…

You just kind of have to get used to them… they are not perfect but they are somewhat okay in most occasions, just got be careful most of the time :smiley:

One of the best ways to avoid blowing a VESC is to copy someone’s build that already has the kinks worked out. I have 3 VESC’s and haven’t blown a single one.

@Mrmoonlight I think he blew the car esc’s out of some user error not the vesc’s… but I will let @evoheyax answer directly if he wants… :smiley: just thought to make a clarification here, since he doesnt say he blew escs because of wrong settings… as you know some batches just failed miserably, I think… without any apparent reasons sometimes

This guy’s been asking for the cheapest ESC option. Many have already recommend the vesc, over and over, but appears to be still searching for something cheaper.

I do admit there is a psychological barrier to paying $100+ for a small component, especially two if going dual drive.

I can say I’ve had good results with the FVT 150a. Through for that price, you might as well buy a VESC.

I get the barrier, because at one point, that stopped me too. Then I wasted a bunch of money trying to save money. It’s called the false economy. I and many others have fallen victim to it.

You can try it, but you might waste your money. The FVT 120a is the same price on banggood, and I would personally pick that over this. However, I never had luck with a single drive 120a esc. It basically overheated for me, even with the fan. Some have had luck, and I think you’d have more luck if it were in dual drive. That’s the way I see most using the FVT 120a.

I had to come up with my own vesc settings. I also run 12s and FOC. They were from a batch known to have had a lot of issues, though the seller won’t admit it. Not worth argueing about anymore. I used the same settings on the same board with chaka VESCs and never had an issue since. There is a build quality difference out there. The gap might be closing, but you’ll still see certain sellers with batch issues.

I have 3 VESC’s and they all performed different. I tested each one extensively and Chaka’s performed substantially better.

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yes, this is the point i was referring to

I also, personally, suggest FVT4

Unless trackstar has more settings or better brake control, I wouldnt go in that direction

Im not sure but I think some of them were not that good also because they were noisy… but I think this was a bigger problem for Toro esc’s… but it could have been said about trackstar’s too…

Try to find someone online who already uses them…

Try to look into instructables, ive seen some super cheap builds using car esc’s there!