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Does anyone own a 3D printer in Aus?

I am wondering whether anyone on this forum owns a 3D printer that is capabe of printing something around the 13cm x 7cm x 1cm size. Also located in Australia would be preferable. I live in Victoria.

The piece is to cover the large hole where the drop through trucks usually go. But as i am converting the board to an E-board, i need more clearance so i have mounted the trucks underneth the board. This results in an unappealing hole. Picture below.

I should be able to model it myself as i have a bit of experience with 3D modelling. I just need to know an approximate cost for 2x of them + shipping.

You could try 3D Hubs or shapeways (shapeways is much more expensive)

They are both services where you ask someone to print something and you can find them close by. If not, I am in Victoria, we have one at my school. I may be able to ask the teacher if I can print it.

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@seanpain4 alternatively, you could fill it with wood epoxy, sand it over, and apply new grip tape. Epoxy solves almost all of life’s problems :slight_smile:

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Thats a good idea! I am also planning on repainting the board and getting new grip tape so that would be perfect! How much would wood epoxy cost to fill two holes of that size?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@seanpain4 About $17USD but I’ve never tried to fill a hole that large on a deck before. I’m not sure if you’d want to use typical wood epoxy or more serious resin. @longhairedboy is your guy for selecting resins that will fill holes in skateboard wood. Any thoughts @longhairedboy?

@treenutter Yeah i was thinking that too. I think getting some really good epoxy or resins would be the way to go.

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Me and my Printer may be of service to you

I will send you a message

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You could probably get away with bondo fiberglass since whatever you put in that hole would basically be non-structural because the truck is what’s holding it together. IT will eventually shrink and flake though.

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Top down image with a ruler on it and I can quickly model it for you to scale. Where in Aus are you ?

Don’t worry, I made a model myself if you look at my build thread.