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Does it work without motor?

Hey guys, so I was thinking about buying my esk8. But I wonder if its possible to ride the skateboard without using its electric motor, just like a normal ride, as it not being electric. Is it possible? Also, preferable talking about a mountain skateboard turned into a motor one. And what brands would you recommend me to buy? Thanks in advance.

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If you have hub motors (haven’t seen any for mountainboards) they are for longboards and they are in the wheel. You get no drag according to the maker of them. If you have belts then you get drag and it doesn’t feel at all the same as a normal longboard unless you have the motor on while boarding.

You can ride either way though it just wont feel as nice.

I have kick pushed my board for kms after battery died or signal wire dropped off. Its a single so it doesnt drag much. The duals drag more but its stil kickable.

even on a hub motor you’re going to feel a little bit of “cogging” due to residual magnetization of the stator, but it certainly won’t be anything like on a belt drive.

@lowGuido is dead on about single vs dual though. For me a single drive is kickable, so hub motors should be very kickable. Dual drives i just get off the board when its dead. Pushing a DR is like pushing a wet sack of potatoes up a rough concrete ramp in socks.

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from experience? just wondering since I need to move my sack of potatoes up my driveway and it rained last night.


Potoato Sack Skating is a past time of my people. I’m pretty good in the butter bowls, but on the wet ramps i need a lot of practice.

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I bring a skate tool and just pull the wheel off, remove the belt and then put the wheel back on. It takes just a few minutes.


Gosh. I dont don’t even do that.
I just push it as it is.
Plus you get the added bonus of regen braking.