Does the cheap eBay esc have regenerative breaking?

Hi, Does anyone know if thowse cheap eBay esc have regenerative breaking?

I asked the seller and this was his answer

Yes it does.

Does it work well? Also what if your on 100% battery

It’s had some very good reviews from fellow builders.

The cut out problem you’re referring to relating to being at 100% charged (or there abouts), has nothing to do with your ESC, it’s the BMS that would cut out to protect the battery from being overcharged…

What if I am not using a bms in my build or am only using it for charging?

I’ve heard that the esc stops charging when the battery is full and the brakes will just become weaker

That’s what I thought it did

Charging li-ions to like 4.10 - 4.15 will compensate for that. I ride without BMS, always balance charge with my hobby charger and it’s great.

If you’re only using your BMS for discharge then the ESC will continue to charge your batteries whether they are full or not, you could end up with them being overcharged but it’s very very unlikely unless you’re going down a hill for about 1 mile or more and continually braking.

The esc will stop charging when the batts reach a certain level

Not if there’s no software to limit it, or are you speaking from experience?

Thing is, if the motor’s producing electricity, that current has to go somewhere… If it doesn’t go to the battery, and there’s no where for it to go, it may just fry the ESC.

From practical experience I’ve found out that usually the corelation between VESC charging and discharging Ah or Wh is around ±10% - meaning if I’ve drawn 1Wh of energy from the battery, 0.1Wh goes back with regen braking. That’s on mostly flat terrain, no big hills up or down, just a few slopes here and there.

So bassicaly not charge to 100% maybe 90%?

The seller has said that the esc will stop the regen when the battery is full and that the brakes will just become weaker

Ah, I see. I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks :thumbsup:

It depens on your terrain…the only scenario which could be a bit of a worry is a steep hill down slope while fullly charged at 4.2V per cell at the start of your ride. If you’re like 4.10-4.15V per cell instead of 4.20V I wouldn’t bother. Interestingly, my charger won’t even let me charge past 4.15V per cell in li-on mode.

To charge the batteries for 0.1V per cell using regen in 3P or 4P configuration which could overcharge the batteries at the start of the ride is pretty unlikely. Usually we use our boards for everything else than for steep downhills anyway. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the help guys