Does the Maker X VESC's support bluetooth modules?

Hello there! Sorry for being a noob but ive been looking into the Maker-X VESC’s. More specifically the Go-FOC DV6 or two Maker-X Mini-Foc PLUS. Both are based on VESC 6 (the mini says 6.4). Does these support a bluetooth module for the Vesc-Tool Application? The mini has a COM port and the larger does not advertise the existance of one?

On a side note, any reason to pick one over the other?

Many thanks!

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@onloop’s favorite company

Hmmm, what is the difference between something like the one you mentioned and say Flipsky’s 2,4ghz Bluetooth module? They look nothing alike? Never seen one looking like this one hehe.

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this one can connect to your PC! I think idk have not used mine yet.