Does this fit together?

i am building a E-board for the first time and i wanted to know if this fits all together so does it?

How do you open the thing you linked all it does is take me to a google thing with nothing on it

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● ● Electric-Skateboard-p-1125575.html?rmmds=search ● d-Lithium-New-/162254124906?hash=item25c719776a:g:l-cAAOSwMVdYD1Ad ● -RC-Aeromodelling-Toy-/401142287183?hash=item5d65f18b4f:g:b5kAAOSwY3BZMnRm ● Cord-LCD-Monitor-60W-/162294089312?var=&hash=item25c97b4660:m:mVnNmlJYmEL X3yo9NnmWg2g ●checkout/

let me know if the links work i sent the links from the chekout.

the batterys are these 4x