Does this wiring work?


Does this wiring work? What size wire should i use? Thanks

Typically we put the loop key on the positive end but that diagram looks good. Bigger wires and connectors are always better, so ideally all 10 awg silicone wire and authentic AMASS XT90 connectors…but it depends on the battery you use, whats the discharge rated for?

Will you disconnect the batteries to charge them on a 5s hobby charger?

Will probably be around 20-30C and yes I’ll disconnect them and charge them separately on a balanced charger just to keep the cost down

You should be okay with XT60 and 14 awg then

In my exp, a balanced charger will cost about the same as a BMS+ brick charger

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10awg would hurt tho right?

no, always better to overbuild.

If you can, use 10awg and XT90

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Whoops meant to say “wouldn’t”

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Ok thanks man, so with that diagram and 10awg I should be good to go? Also it’s ok to use xt60s and xt90s in the same circuit?

Yes, but in my opinion the only reason to use an xt60 is if an xt90 won’t fit.