Doing a build with some evolve trucks and 10s5p battery.. couple questions

Ok, so I’ve decided to do a high end build… and I’m been reading a lot but still have a couple questions…

I bought the evolve trucks and AT wheels/kit along with the motor mounts from and I understand I need 63mm motors for this to work… so Id like to use some focbox’s and have a 10s5p battery coming… so from reading for my battery pack I should stay around a 200kv?? so im thinking the Sensored 6369 200kv motor is what I should get correct? or any other advice would be helpful… thanks!

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I’ve seen quite a few AT builds between 140-170kv. 200 seems a little on the higher side. Most regular builds are 190kv or less.

ok, thanks… soo

Maytech 6365 170kv Sensored/Covered Motor KV: 170 Idle Current: 0.8A Max. Current: 65A Input Volt.: 2-12s Lipo Max. Output Watt: 2000W Max. Pull: 9700g Rated Current: 60A Motor Weight: 765g Shaft: 8mm Internal Resistance: 0.0402 With black closed cover


Maytech 6355 170 kv Sensored/Covered Motor KV: 170 Idle Current: 1.0A Max. Current: 65A Input Volt.: 2-12s Lipo Max. Output Watt: 3510W Max. Pull: 12000g Rated Current: 55A Motor Weight: 610g Shaft: 8mm Internal Resistance: 0.0441

Either will work, I’m not quite sure but turnigy 6374 motors might also fit.

The turnigy sk3 6374 motors - aren’t 6374 - and aren’t sensored, if those are the ones you’re referring to…

Yeah I know they are actually 5986 or whatever. Sensors aren’t needed if running foc although do make it even smoother

I’m riding on12S4P a dual 150kv / 14T - 66T with either 107mm street up to 200mm AT and it’s pretty solid.

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thanks bro! yeah I’d prefer as smooth as possible

I was referring to the maytech motors… I herd these are the better motors on the market and also most other motors are rebranded maytechs

Sorry @Danny414 I was responding to @pat.speed

its cool b264 it was probably my fault… im still new here and don’t know fully how to read who’s talking to whom

It will have a little arrow pointing to the persons icon if te post is a few up, or if they are responding to the last post made it wont have the arrow

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Sk3s will not fit evolve trucks, gone through a lot of shit to know that

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Can confirm; two real 6374 motors WILL fit on the Supercarve trucks but the Turnigy sk3 “6374” motors are not 6374 and they will not fit. They are 5984…

Just look at the motor dimensions and if it’s more then 76mm long it won’t fit

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And that’s I’m running dual TRUE 6374s on my supercarves :yum:

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anyone have some links to the real 6374 sensored please?

do you have any pics of your boards ARetardedPillow? Or anyone else for that matter… would be awesome too see!

- On forum @bimmer - From US@torqueboards - From UK@davidbanner

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ahhh yeah I see that… thanks!

awesome, im about to buy some now from torque… is there adapters for the bullet’s? because focbox bullet connectors is 3.5mm and the torque 6375 motors are 5.5mm?