Doing my first build ! need some help with clearifying some stuff

so for the past month ive veen doing research on a lot of different aspects of building a board and here is what i decided on.

motor - maytech sealed 6374 190 KV x2. drive train - tb dual kit 218mm 15mm belt inward. vesc - flipsky 6.6 / 6.6 plus (problem here). remote - flipsky VX2. battery - mboard 10s3p. enclosure - mboard universal cover. deck - loaded basault tesserac (kinda undecided). wheels - undecided…

so first of all for the life of me i cant find a confirmed build someone has done with sealed 6374 maytecs mounted on the same side …and im worry about the clearance between the motors because they are not true 74mm. the maytech motors have a small nib thats 2mm wide…x2 thats 4mm extra that i dunno if i have clearance for.

vesc…ive saw good reviews and also some ppl saying flipsky escs are trash and it stops working every 30 seconds or something…i understand it is a budget vesc…but cant seem to find a general consent about these vescs…also appears the 6.6 plus is troublesome and the build in spark switch is trash. which i have thought about doing 6.6 with seperate spark switch instead, wondering if anyone can comment on that.

for the enclosure, does it matter if i mount it right at the center…or closer to the back…or closer to the front for different balances?

any comments / suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Hey! I can’t comment on everything, but my take on the 6.6 and ESCs in general is that you shouldn’t cheap out here. The 6.6 or 6.6 plus may work fine but they also may fail 5min into the first ride. Also anti spark switches ALWAYS fail eventually. Better and cheaper, but also less elegant is a loop key. If you get e.g. a trampa vesc 6 you probably won’t have any problems and may come out cheaper if one of your 6.6s dies. The Vesc 6 you will be able to reuse for later (possibly more powerful) projects as well.

i looked at the trampa vesc… they r just… so expensive… they are basically double the price. i understand they are quality parts… are there other choices for dual vesc?

But a reliable ESC for ~100$ is just not realistic. You will pay somewhere else. Focbox unity should be a reliable alternative, but in general dual ESCs are more risky because a failure most likely kills the whole thing compared to two individual ESCs were you just swap one. I think one shouldn’t be shortsighted and penny-pinching, it may come back to you (as often). The ESC I am using was 400+€ with shipping and taxes :sweat_smile: compared to that 220 for the vesc 6 is fine

what about the esc6 from mboard? they sell single esc as well…not sure if its a chinese clone or not

Do your research on MBoards. Poor seller.

will do. however i quite like their enclosure, good form factor…saw some reviews on the battery pack, seems to be working fine for most. i can take a look at TB packs and case again…however im not a huge fan of the giant logo right on the enclosure lol. any brand of battery packs you suggest?

how bout maytech VESC 6? anyone know anything about this?