Done: Does anyone have a BMS for sale in the US?

Hey guys. I’m pretty sure my BMS for my 10S4P Samsung 22R went out. It doesn’t charge the batteries fully anymore (39.5 volts) and I also can’t use it for discharge due to it shutting down the power when I brake too hard. Just wondering if someone has a 10S 60amp Supower BMS for sale in the states. I searched and couldn’t find any here so far so I thought I’d create this post. This is the one I have right now I really don’t want to wait a month to get a replacement. Summer is here. Fingers crossed!!!

i am also looking for a 10s bms and a 6s bms. I know you don’t want to wait a month but if you end up ordering I would buy the second one from you.

I said fuck it and ordered one from eBay and paid $30 shipping for it to get here this Tuesday-Friday.