Donk 6" (150mm) polyurethane wheels

Has anyone used these wheels on an esk8 yet? I like them but would have to develop a pulley for it.


Looks sick man. I want some deep dish :blush:

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They have been around for years just thought it was strange to not see much info on the forum about them.

@Kaly had some I think. Ive heard they are heavy as f***, though :slight_smile:

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Eh whatever. Just need some pullies. I would love to give em a go.

Heavy wheels take some power to get going but they roll forever lol

Yeh i guess they feel great just weight needs to be taken in consideration

Someone needs to put 100mm diameter motors inside 150mm Donkboard wheels for Hub Motors That Don’t Suck Ass :registered:


hmmm put a donk on it…

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