Dont buy anything flipsky

Just buy one antispark" 200amps continuous" one dual fsesc 6.6 and the vx1flipsky remote

First try antispark switch not working at all impossible to turn on and off

Secondly after connecting the remote to the dual fsesc the remote terminal just got hot as a toaster without any explanation

And last the vesc just fryed up without any explanation , one side just stop working and go dead following by the second side ofbthe vesc

A waist of money ,500$ straight to the garbage mistake learn just pay more fore better quality and dont buy anything from chinese company or its will hit you back ,also buy single vesc and esc so if one is frying you dont have to buy a new dual and just replace one

I font have too much money these times its make i am now discouraged to finish my build

Dont buy anything from cheap Chinese sellers mates keep that in mind


paypal claim get your money back

did you connect it directly or did you have an xt90S before the switch?

did you try turning the connector around in the remote receiver? they usually get warm when they’re plugged in the wrong way

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I brought it from alliexpress by credit card

I have an xt90 before the switch but was solder directly to the fsesc

Everything was in order …

creditcard chargeback (?) Generally a chargeback against flipsky will always win. They barely speak coherent english so that normally works in your favor.

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Il try it thank you mate

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Try to solve it over Aliexpress dispute. I had good experience with that. If that doesn’t work, then chargeback

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Its being more than 30 days warranty is over tho

Dispute it through your credit card company. I just won my dispute from them. I got a shitty fsesc6.6 mini. I had to pay shipping back to China for the bad parts


Honestly, without any build pictures and detailed shots of how you connected things, there is no telling if this was user error or caused by DOA products.

Not saying flipsky doesn’t have their share of issues (no proper QC control, using customers as beta testers, producing vescs that are not according to spec, motors that fall apart).


I’ve used FIVE FSESC 6.6 DUAL.

All of them were good.

I killed one because of a mistake I made.

I killed 3 antisparks, not from Flipsky. All of them are quite bad, by design. Just use XT90-S !

You just can’t say “don’t buy anything flipsky”…


What mistake did you make that killed it? @DavidC I’m using a 4.12 single have had no issues

I have fried my fare share of flipshite gear most of which I managed to fix or bypass.

4.2 dual plus ( 3.3v Voltage Regulated shorted out an supplied 5v to 1/2 the board frying a bunch passives and stm chip) 6.6 plus (antispark popped) bypasses use a super reliable loopkey on that board. 6.6 Single (antispark dead) bypassed with a diy antispark switch 6.6 Single (antispark dead) bypassed with above diy AS switch VX1 remote battery wouldnt hold charge. Replaced non working 700mah with 1200mah VX2 launch day order only worked in miles per hour their response most of world want old timey emperial messurements.i pointed out excuding US and UK the rest of the world used measurements not based on body parts. ( Euro, Asia, Canada, Australia, , Nz, Russia ect.) I had to pay for return shipping and wait 2 months for them to reflash with metric firmware). Ver 2 Antispark popped - upgraded it to the trash. Fs 4.12 early model regen braking barely works (design flaw corrected in newer models) Flipshite 6374 motors 2 with loose magnets one with seized bearings. .one of my FS 6354 just started making a grinding sound will investigate this weekend. Currently testing a maker x dual vesc so far a promising replacement for my FS 4.2 dual. Ordering a few 6.6 makerX on my next build see adhd build log on other f. i am committed to not buying anymore flipshite ever.


Red motor phase wire shorted with white sensor little wire :

@Movation : built-in antisparks are born to die everywhere and it’s flipsky’s mistake to make antisparks part of ESCs


I agree think of them as a $50 fuse.

Yes! Flipsky is trash. Their products are looked nice but actually so bad. They don’t have any experience is designing power circuits. They don’t know how to choose components and do quality control. Also the price is too high. The cost of each esc is about 300 yuan which is about $50, but they sell at a price over $200. WTF??


Really? :grin:

FSESC 6.6 DUAL log with 80100 motors and NO LIMIT firmware :

So you’re going to make no profit with yours, rated 60A/1000W continuous max?

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We dont mind paying, but get it right, test your designs before you release them. Hgtech the company that makes most of the esc for Flipsky has most of its focus on drone esc’s I am sure 98% of the R&D is spent there. Esk8 R&D is mostly stealing open source designs from the community. A lot of their ESC have hand soldered components with only the big packages pick and placed. Looking at my 6.6 and 4.2 under microscope I can see how bad some of the work is.