Don't Email Nonsense to Enertion Support!

The Enertion team is asking everyone kindly to stop emailing them about nonsense topics. i.e. things that can be easily answered on this forum.

All companies put the people who have purchased something from them, first. If everyone is emailing the support with the most nonsense questions then the people who have given money to the business don’t get a quick response (maybe not even one at all) about a probably even more important question.

The Enertion team has been very busy with orders and the supply has been running out quickly. They are constantly having to restock. If you haven’t got your order yet, the product is probably being restocked. They are working extremely hard on fulfilling all the orders in a reasonable time period. It is the manufacturers and the stock of product that are mostly slowing them down.

If @onloop has anything to add he is kindly welcomed to comment with his additional information.

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I might come across like a total fuck wit by saying this…


  1. if you expect your order to ship the same day, or maybe next day - don’t order from us…
  2. if you don’t know how to build an electric skateboard don’t email us
  3. if you are wondering why we haven’t answered your email in a timely fashion don’t email us asking why.
  4. Don’t order then in a few days email us asking to cancel & refund… it just take up too much time. just don’t order.
  5. Don’t email us asking the date your order will ship, we cannot answer this questions accurately…

We have over 300 orders to pack & send, we can only pack about 20-30 each day and we get between 10-20 each day, some parts run out of stock before the new parts arrive… it causes delays. We have no easy way of identifying what orders it will delay & we have no way to increase the speed at which parts get manufactured. It’s first in best dressed.

we get 150-200 emails every day, we cannot actually answer that many emails each day, at best maybe we could answer 100, but no orders would get packed.

we have a new born baby & my wife needs my help

I admit it, it’s a fucking mess. I hired staff to help, but unfortunately, i have had one staff member leave us, we are trying to hire more staff but it takes time.



Hang in there; don’t give up, maybe hire some temps to get you caught up.