Doomy's first E-Longboard | 1x 6364 190kV | DIY Geared Belt | 12s4p LiIo | Flipsky VESC 4.12

This is the shopping List for my planned e-longboard build. I don’t have a Board yet but i probably going to buy a used one. I have added the cost at the end of the items they are in Swiss francs and are about the same as USD.


I have ordered this VESC, it seems to be as reliable as the maytech one and it is the cheapest i found

  • FLIPSKY FSVESC V4 50A SK8-ESC w/ 5V/1.5A BEC for Electric Skateboard RC Car Z2J1 69.- (ebay)

First wanted to buy this one but missed the 4. July sale

  • FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6 + Aluminum Case 145.- (


Least expensive 63mm motor, not sure about the quality. It should be possible to run it at 12s.

  • KEDA 63-64 190KV Brushless Outrunner 10S 2000W 52.- (hobbyking)

Same price as the one from ebay but the phase wires seem to be much thicker. The D-Shaft is not ideal because i dont know if the pulley will fit.

  • 190KV SL D-shft: 190KV, sensorless, D-shape shaft 55.- (aliexpress)

Good price and kV but the phase wires are too small, i would have to replace them sooner or later. This Motor also has a D-Shaft, so im not sure if the pulley will fit.

  • High-Efficience-Brushless-Motor-170KV-C6374-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard 54.- (ebay)

Cheap but not enough power, maybe good for a dual motor setup?

  • New Arrival Brushless Outrunner Motor N5065 270KV 1665W For DIY Electric Skate Board 1820W 320KV 30.- (ebay)

Seems to be a good motor, but because its over 65.- i would have to pay high customs tax.

  • turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv-brushless-outrunner-motor 80.- (hobbyking)


Not decided yet, i will probably go for a used Board from ebay, they are cheap here 30.-

UPDATE: I got a Globe Spearpoint Bamboo, bought it second hand for 22.- (pictures)


I will not use that remote. There are a few threads on this forum about it and it seems to be very unreliable.

I did not hear anything bad about this remote, its not as small as the nano but should be more reliable. Its also very cheap.

  • Radio 2.4GHz Remote Controller + Receiver Binding Plug For Electric Skateboard 16.- (ebay)

This one is even bigger but its the most reliable.

  • HK-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver w/Rechargable Li-ion Battery 28.- (hobbyking)

  • DIY Remote with Telemetry (link)

Motor Pulley

For 8mm or 10mm shaft motors, should not go smaller than 14t.

  • 5M 12T-60T Timing Pulley Without Step Synchronous Wheel For 15/20mm Width Belt 4.- (ebay)

  • 5M 14T Timing Belt Pulley Gear Wheel Sprocket 5-10mm Bore For 15/20mm Width Belt 4.- (ebay)

  • Cheap 5m15t 8mm bore 16mm pulley 3.- (ebay)

Wheel Pulley

I need a big wheel pulley for my setup, most kits come with 36 or 40t only so i will have to print one or modify

  • MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels 36,38,40,42,44,48,50 Tooth Pulley STL files for 9mm, 12mm, 15mm Belt from JuniorPotato93 (link)

  • ABEC 11 Flywheels & Clones 48T or 50T from JuniorPotato93 (link)

Does not fit on clone wheels

Maybe make a DIY metal pulley

  • HTD 5M-48T-16mm Pitch 5mm Timing Belt Drive Pulley 48 Teeth CNC 5mm—20mm Bore (ebay)


I have to calculate the length, but its going to be 15mm wide 5M belt.

Motor Mount



  • MBS All-Terrain 100mm Wheels 70.- (amazon)

  • 1Set(4pcs) 97X 52mm SHR80A Cruiser Wheels Fits Longboard Long Skateboard Drop Cruiser 44.- (aliexpress)

  • 6 inch 6X2 Wheels set Tire with Inner Tube Fit for Electric Scooter 80.- (aliexpress)



DIY 10 - 12s 3-4p LiIon 18650 Spot Welded Battery


~240USD without Battery

It would be great if you could tell me what you think.


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looks solid. With that short of a belt, not too many teeth are going to be in mesh with the motor pulley, which is something to keep in mind. Then again, i’m running a similar belt length 2x9mm with 15t and 44t so you should be alright

Thanks, you mean the belt that is included in the Kit?

yeah, 265 can be kinda short. It definitely works fine though.

I wonder why they include two belts 265 and 255 in the kit but its the cheapest for ABEC wheels that i have found.

I’m a little bit worried about the Remote i have ordered. I read to late that there seem to be reliability issues with this version.

I’m still unsure with a few things, maybe you can help me.

  1. Which motor should i choose, the 190kV 6368 is offered on aliexpress sensored or sensorless, would you go with sensors? Or maybe even with the 170kV sensorless from ebay it seems to be bigger (70mm) and they claim more power (2900w)

  2. Is the 5M14T pulley to small? Should i go with 5M15T?

  3. Are the clone wheels from aliexpress any good? Or do i have to worry about wobbling and worse?

  4. Will the 48T wheel pulley 3d Print version from JohnAlbrecht fit on the 97mm abec clones? Can i even go bigger like 50T? Is there maybe a aluminium or stainless alternative in that size?

Thank you!

3: I don’t know if they are good or not but they look like the one BuildKitBoards has (Don’t know how good they are but I got them).

The ones @JLabs has are better than the average clone, better rebound and truer.

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Okay :slight_smile: @doomy Then I would get the ones from BuildKitBoards

The BKB 6374 190kv Motor is solid as a rock, sealed can too. I have a set I’ve been running for over a year.

The TB 6374 190KV is also great, I have a set on my Bludgeon/6 Shooter build and another set on my Gear Drive build, no issues at all. collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

The BKB 15t 15mm Motor Pulley is only $9, a lot cheaper than most places, 15t 15mm is the standard for a single motor build.

Or you could get this TB pulley kit that has the motor & wheel pulley plus a belt. collections/electric-skateboard-pulley-belt-combo-kits/products/36t-kegel-pulley-15mm-combo-kit

The BKB motor mount is simple and it works well.

Here’s a link to the BKB wheels as well…

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@doomy Don’t get the 36T KEGEL Pulley 15mm Combo Kit if you decide to get the wheel from BKB. Get the 36T ABEC Pulley 15mm Combo Kit instead (KEGEL pulley won’t fit in the wheels) :slight_smile:

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Thank you mmaner and legend27. The prices on bkb are really good but im based in europe and shipping from the US is very expensive. Also for orders over 62$ value i have to pay a high import tax. This is why i mainly chose the stuff from china.

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Check out this website They have listed all the esk8 shops in the whole world.

Are you going for a single build? I have one of those mounts I could sell.

Yes its going to be a single build, i dont have the board yet but there is an Auction for a Globe Spearpoint Bambo that finishes in 2 days. I will probably have to do a custom motormount because the trucks will not be compatible with the mounts they are selling online.

@legend27 Cool, thanks im definitly going to check out those shops.

Probably custom mounts then :slight_smile:

And wheel pulleys

I would stick to 8mm Motor shaft set up … also I find that 14/40 gearing is the sweet spot for decent braking and acceleration with a 190KV single on 12S … It will pull a 15/36 or 16/36 but it will take 300+ feet to stop from top speed

whats the problem with 10mm shafts other than the need for a 10mm bore pulley?

@moon yes if that does not i will get caliber ii trucks

@doomy my 3d printed wheel pulley only works for flywheels, not clones.

Thanks JohnA, do you know about any 3d print models in 46 - 50T that will fit 97mm clone wheels?

What about those: