Double kick board with MTB trucks, will it work?

Hi, Since I saw OKP use a short deck with trampa trucks and wheels I have been wanting to try that. I however I cannot justify the cost of the riser, even the cheaper ones that are being sold lately. I have this old “trick skateboard” laying around and I was wondering if it would be possible to drill mounting holes for trucks on the kicktails like the mountain boards do and use a couple of risers to compensate the angle. I have measured that when using 2 angled riser the trucks would sit at around 28 degrees it is not 35 degrees and I could cut wooden angles instead of the rubber ones I used for illustration but I think you get the idea. So I am curious to know your opinion about the feasability. Also, as I don’t have MTB trucks just yet so I cannot try.


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Idk how well it will up to electrifying it but I’ve had a few double kicks with trucks mounted on the tails. Risers are a must as the angel of the king pin makes such a drastic change that steering becomes very difficult. As long as its done right, it comes out to be a great look and ride.

Lets you bolt on channel trucks to a 0 degree skateboard

(okp makes some to, but I don’t think they are in stock)

Thanks for your input, I think I will try to get some MBS trucks so I can test it out. It won’t be until some time but i will do it. It should be fun to ride.

Thanks, I am aware of those, been following anyone who was working on those since OKP release and although the fatboy is cheaper that is a lot of money. Well, if my idea does not work I might save money to get the risers at some point.

Your problem with taking a Skate deck (popsicle) and moving the trucks wider is they are often only 7ply. You will take a 17 inch axle to axle wheel base & grow it by maybe 4 inches each end plus likely another couple by the angle of the channel trucks now pointing out each end, maybe for 24-29 inches wheel base (not skateboard baseplate distance).

It could be quite flexy (especially if you are heavy).

Here is something similar RPB made ages ago:


I think he was like 130 pounds, I’m 220, I think i’d break it :frowning:


Wow, thanks for the link. I was looking for a someone who did this but did not know what keywords to use. I was also wondering about the flex, I am around your weight and you have a point it will probably break. Well, I will try to come up with something by the time I get the trucks.

As mountainboard deck an regular (older) skateboard won’t hold up I think. I also build normal e-Skateboards from regular decks and I had my first (the one I used to skate) deck snapped easily. You could reinforce it with some fiber :slight_smile: redstar1 (Thats mine, but its not comparable to your situation. I had to compensate for massive cutouts so the carbon had to be strong :wink: )

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