Double Kicktail Longboard Deck ideas? (Available in the UK?)

Hi everyone!

I’m only just starting to source the parts I need for my very first eboard build and I think I have a good general idea of what parts I can use although I seem to be having problems finding the very first piece of the puzzle; a Deck!

I’m looking for a Double Kicktail longboard deck similar to the Landyachtz Tomahawk (2013?) or Mindless Voodoo Makali DK.

If anybody knows where I can buy these at a reasonable price here in the UK please let me know!!

or if you have any other ideas or details about other Double Kick Longboard decks available please, please post them here! :nerd: :+1:

Thank you!

Mayby check out the Jet double kick. A friend just got it for a build as well.

Yes, michichopf is talking about me.

Have a look at the jet overkill or jet agent range.

Haven’t been on my board yet, but it looks good, is light and well made. Prices are also reasonable.
No idea where to get them in the UK. sells them.

Good luck and tell us how you decided.

Check this place out seem to have decent prices and some good veriations on decks

Thanks guys! Any help is really appreciated! …It seems like all the double kick boards I’m looking at are out of stock in UK stores! or pretty expensive :confused:

As I said before I really like the shape of the Landyachtz Tomahawk as it incorperates ‘w’ concave, it seems to have enough space between the wheelbase for parts etc & I like the smooth shape of the deck when looking at it from above. Here is a photo… Unfortunately all I can find available is the following 2 decks on ebay which both have ugly graphics; these are £160.30 Incl. Shipping from US (Deck Only)

2016 Deck

2015 Deck

The Mindless Voodoo Makali DK seems to be the next best thing; So far I have found this for £109.95 via ebay (Deck only) which is a fair bit cheaper than the Landyachtz Tomahawk but it seems to lack a little in style (ie. The top view of the deck isn’t as curvy) :confused:

Another board I like the shape of is the Landyachtz Fiberglass Hatchet Map (2016) although this will set me back £151.13 & it is a bamboo deck which I feel may give too much flex?? (I do like the graphics though)

Has anybody had experience with any of these decks or similar? (eg. Experienced the flex of a Bamboo deck e.board?)

Thanks for the link 2-alex-2,

I just found a very unique Loaded Chubby Unicorn Deck on the site but its way too expensive at £249.95 :slight_frown: Its definitely different though! (Which I like) :smiley: & I love the name! lol

Thanks guys! I like the look of the Jet 2016 Over Kill 35.8 Longboard & it definitely seems to be cheaper than others ive looked at although I definitely prefer boards that have a few more curves to them! (Like the Landyachtz Tomahawk)

The Wheelbase also seems a little short at 17 - 18.5’’ for an e.board? What board do you have PB1?


I favour single kick boards. Now also proud owner of an over kill 43"!! Reserved for a special build.
If you don’t need double kicks, some more curves and wider platform then the jet vulcan kick looks great.
My all time favourite board is the Madrid havoc :heart_eyes: (here at the bottom, white weels)

Nice! :smiley: This is an old photo of my garage but here are my boards…

I want double kick as I like the symmetry & I imagine it will also have more maneuverability options such as easy switching etc Therefore more fun?

How come you like the single kick? Is it because the boards are generally wider? or do you just like the shape?

I’m still searching btw so if anybody else can help me out that would be great! I don’t really want to pay much more than £100 if I can help it…?