Drilling solid skateboard wheels?

wheels i brought for my build are not spoked like abec fly wheels. this is due to me living in Australia, i couldn’t find any where to buy fly wheel clones except shipped from america, the postage for that is around $50. and genuine abec fly wheels are over $100 dollars. so i brought a set 76mm 83a solid wheels, they were cheap so i thought why not ($20 shipped). I need some advice and suggesting on drilling through the wheels to attach the pulley. and any suggestions on getting the pulley centred?.


Use a quality drill press. Without it its almost impossible to get them right.

I find it helps to make up a jig as well so that you get the holes the right spacing.

in practice I found that I only needed to drill 3 holes and that was enough.


How’s the durability of the wheels? I would imagine that the force of the screws on the fly wheels would slowly tear the wheel apart.

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Never had one rip in 8 builds and over a year of daily riding.


I have never heard of that happening. In fact the only time I’ve seen a wheel come apart, and it was recently, it was a hub motor.

do you have any updated pictures if you ended up drilling the wheels

Yeah man @kbazzy98

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Thank you, Much appreciated, how did you do it and how did it hold up?

Made a jig with aluminium and a centring bolt that fits into the bearings and then just drilled the holes with my drill press, Just a note I really dont suggest going this without a drill press as you need the holes to be square.

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is that pulley 3d printed?

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Yep! :thumbsup:

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Hey, what are the specs of that 3D printed pulley? You mind sending the files over?

do a quick search in thingiverse