Drive train combination 2*Turnigy D5035 - 125 KV

Hi all, new to this forum, just planning out a build for myself and I wanted to ask some of you knowledgeable people some feedback.

Just so you know my direction, looking at all terrain setup, I’m in Australia so I would source parts here where possible.

My direction is Evolve GT trucks, AT wheels and wheel pulleys. Looking at utilizing Turnigy D5035-125KV motors from HK, 10S battery. I would like to commute on it and I golf so I would want it to capably take me and clubs around a golf course.

Based on this I would need some pretty good torque. Wheel drive is 65T, Wheel size is 175. I was looking to use a 12 or 14T motor pulley for around the golf course and swapping out to a 16 or 18T when commuting.

Think this will be a suitable setup?

I’m 82kg and clubs are around 12kg


Yes I think the 14t pulley for on the courses will be good and give around 30kmh and swapping to an 18t when cruising will give 40km. With dual 125kv motors that setup will give you plenty of torque. I’m in Aus too so if you need any help just ask and I’ll try to help my best

Cheers mate might just do that. Was a little concerned it might have too much torque and spit me too easily with the lowest gearing.

Yeah I’m very happy with the 125kv, maybe you can also use the hobbyking motormount?

Nah he won’t be able to if he’s going dual rear because the hobbyking mounts only mount on one side otherwise they have to go upside down on the other side

Oh and just letting you know the specs on that motor are actually the stator size not the can as I recall

Oh yeah that’s true!

Is it a 6374 motor?

Will be using evolve mounts on the evolve gt trucks

Just bought this for the start of the build. Some aussie mob thought it was a solid deal

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Make sure to post pics as you build

I wish I knew the answer to that but I am still working all this out :laughing: