Drive Train Help

Hi everyone I am assembling my first drivetrain and I kinda hit a roadblock. I have the motors as close to each other as possible however the axles on the trucks don’t seem to be long enough. I thought about chopping a few mm off the trucks with a dremel to make the axles longer but the motors are as close to each other as they can get. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Bigger trucks

12mm pulleys and belts instead of 15mm. or you could go diagonal.


You need 10" trucks first of all. Then 12mm pulleys and belts max. And 55mm long motors.

Get a set of 180mm Caliber IIs and like @Namasaki said you’re going to have to use either 9mm or 12mm belts and pulleys with spacers. I use 9mm belts and pulleys on my builds.

Those motors actually are 6355s and they do fit in a dual drive config provided everything else is kosher.

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I also use 9mm belts on my builds. It’s all you need on a dual drive. Less belt means less drag as well.

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For dual diag, however, I’d recommend 12mm belts. I’ve broken 4 rear belts on my dual diag 9mm board in half a year.

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thanks for the help gents! any recommendations for 9mm pulleys/belts is greatly appreciated i only found enertions kit

that’s good stuff. I’ve been using it a while.

I use enertions 36T pulley with DIYES’s 16T motor pully, great combo. Soon I’ll be printing some of @longhairedboy’s 34T pulleys :slight_smile:

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Are you running 6374 motors? I’m wondering if your belts where breaking because of the higher torque motors.

5065 actually. I accelerate harder than I brake so that’s probably it. In total, I broke 4 rear and 1 front belt

No problem with 12mm belts?

I have the pulleys for it but wanted to break all my 9mm belts before I change it out. I’m on my last pair so I’ll change it out pretty soon :slight_smile:

Are you using an idler? do you run your belts very tight?

No idler, belts run on the looser side

Thats how I run mine. but dual on one axle. What pulleys do you use?

36T enertion with 16T DIYES

Do you think that dual diagonal doesn’t split the load as well as dual on same hanger? I’m just picking your brain here.

yea I don’t think it does. Since body weight shifts forward and back and I accelerate harder than I brake, it makes sense rear will break more