Drive train slipping

I have brand new 265 5m 12mm belts and slapped them on as tight as can humanely possible and when i step on the board and pull my trigger the motor gear does not want to catch the belt, it just slides past it. Anyone know what i can do to help this issue?

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Are they HTD belts or friction belts?

Do you mean the teeth are sliding by the gear?

they are htd5, and yes the gear moves but the belt doesn’t it just slips past

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Show us some pictures. Maybe your gear grabs the belt but your gear isn’t attached to the shaft?

I figured it out the gears pinch isn’t 5mm as advertised. Now the issue is getting the gear unstuck from the motor. It seems to have gotten glued or welded together.

Oh man, friction welding…

If that is the case, it is never, ever coming off. Your gonna need either a new motor or maybe just a new shaft

Tried removing the shaft and 1 of the screws is jammed so my luck is incredible

Take a Dremel tool and use a cutoff wheel to destroy the stuck screw.

Automotive bearing puller/pulley puller.

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there is no stuck screw on the pulley

or battery terminal puller


I didn’t say there was a screw…but even if there was…my pulleys don’t come off easy on one of my motors either… Screw or not, a bearing puller would pull it off without damaging the motor

that pulley looks munted… is that what it looked like before you stared trying to get it off? it doesnt look like there are any teeth left on that pulley to actually drive the belt. use a puller as above to get it off.


no it looks like that now after i tried taking it off. can i find one of those pullers at any hardware store?

@DarkJoker do this and tap it with a hammer, the axel will move out of the gear and motor will drop

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Use a heat gun on the motor pulley. The pulley is aluminum and the shaft is stainless steel. Aluminum expands more than steel when exposed to the same heat (higher coefficient of thermal expansion).

Heat it up. Put on a glove. Slowly rotate and pull the motor pulley off, while holding the can in your other hand

I have to use this method to remove my motor pulley. Works like a charm

Finally someone said it :smiley: Then again, if it expands with heat, wouldn’t you expect it to actually grip tighter? Since it is expanding on all directions? I am dumb

The inner diameter of the aluminum pulley will expand more than the outer diameter of the solid steel axle. So when heated, the pulley temporarily becomes looser on the shaft by a few thousands of an inch

It works. I’ve done this probably 5 times now

FYI. It would only grip tighter if the inner material had a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than the outer material (e.g, steel pulley on an aluminum shaft)