Drop through boards?

Hello Everyone,
I have been searching everywhere for a definitive answer about whether or not drop through longboards are a viable choice. All the professional boards (like the zboard and the boosted board) all are top mounted. My reason for asking this is because I like the profile of a drop through board, but want to make sure that I will have plenty of clearance for the electronics.

But I found my batteries skimmed the ground a couple times. No broken foil envelope but done with the lipos and got li-ion 18650 cells instead


Like @Hummie mentioned, there’s typically not enough ground clearance for battery packs, and when using belt drives instead of hub drives you have to get real creative with how you mount the motors because in the traditional ofrward-mount-on-rear-truck you can end up rubbing the deck with your mount or motor can during carves.


Certainly viable, I even have flex.
Battery choices are limited.
My boxes are low-profile 35mm max.

Curbs are difficult.


They work fine in my experience. Get a nice angle base plate and it’ll be fine. Try to keep electronics close to the trucks and away from the middle

Wheel choice is your biggest factor. I have several drop thru mounts.


I pretty much just ride drop through. All Evolve’s current boards are drop through. They mount the motors in the rear and the enclosure is pretty low pro. I actually have a double drop that I ride most of the time. 90mm and above wheels are definitely your friend with drop through decks.

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Yeah, I agree. The lower profile setups are pretty sweet. Nice to be low to the ground and cruise… A bit more relaxing imo.

Since nobody is using lead acid batteries anymore there’s no reason for boards to be a foot high…tall longboards are dumb


Ok, so as a general rule of thumb, how much distance would you allow for between your lowest component and the ground? 1"? 2"? more?



I like to maintain a couple of inches of clearance.

Not lower than your truck axle height would be ideal, motors are difficult, so put those as high as practically possible.

So the orangatang 80mm wheels should be fine?

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this is real close to what my build will look like when im done great job

what about teamgee H9 skateboard? It is a drop through deck

i hope you guys can bring it out and race me up twin peaks and see how it does

Would you go ahead and remove or reduce riser pads on a AT board with 35 degree deck truck mount?


Absolutely if possible.

Would a longer kingpin help with distance from the bottom of the board to the truck axel? I don’t know why I can’t figure this out in my head right now, oh yeah I am Toasted! lol

OK so I’ve commenced a recalibration. Chi is in order and yes I think having a longer kingpin truck with better longer bushings, would increase the distance between the bottom of the board and the middle of the truck axel bottoms, which would create a bigger area for batteries and vesc and bms etc.