DRV fault over temp focbox

i cant get the new software on it because boot loader is bad. A friend of mine has a st link , wilt try flashing new boot loader … thanks for the help, now i know whats wrong


I would love to assist you with this problem via team viewer you don’t need ST-Link to flash it, just get the right firmware file and re-upload it.

I am available now, DM me if you need an assistance now :slight_smile:


If u can solve it , then we can do that :slight_smile: But I’m pretty sure I already tried to upload the right software this time, but it doesn’t change…

@Joris97 Lets give it a try

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I’ll send u a dm

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Sure, waiting for it

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I flashed with st Link, now have version 412 on it. But now it gives drv error…