DRV fault over temp focbox

i get this error as seen in the screenshot, got this after update, was riding well before. Does anyone know how to fix this? dsdsdsddsss

cant find a solution there have the right software and didnt change max voltage



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Yeah it should be R1, but maybe try reflashing to Enertion firmware as they will not support a flashed Focbox…oops too late

Can you screenshot the Firmware page?


HW should be 412 not 48, that is the wrong firmware… That why I hate these new vesc tool that too easy to screw up.


You flashed the wrong firmware it should have done the 410 411 412 file. You possibly fried it so I would send it in to @JohnnyMeduse to get fixed

Nah it’s not fried, just need to re-upload the proper fw in the custom fw tab… give me 10mins i’ll show you

I thought that when I did the first update I saw the current hw was 48. So chose 48. Guess I need to get a sl link to change it to 412, bootloader is also broken… Thanks for the help!

the most of the vesc we use for eboards are 4.12 hardware so you just need to do the correct firmware.

Broke the bootloader when desperately trying to fix the problem. Soo stupid :sweat_smile:

Re-upload it in the bootloader tab

That’s what I did, and why it broke I think …

Because it still says 48 when I upload 412

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so just to re-iterate

  • uploaded bootloader in bootloader tab image

-Downloaded the 4_12 firmware from vedder’s github

-Navigate and select “VESC_default.bin” in the 410_411_412 folder and upload it



not with @ackmaniac he only defaults for hardware 410 411 412 . to access the rest, you have to click a button that says “show non-default firmwares”. I guess same with the regular vesc tools?

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worse comes to worse u can get a team viewer session with someone who knows whats up, might be worth waiting so you dont break stuff like i did :joy: