DRV upgrade for 14S battery

Hi everyone , i have an old VESC (Maytech 4.12) which i will repair STM32F and VP232. I have my ebike running with 14s with stock controller at 25amps, i want to change the stock controller with the VESC so i can run over 25amps (40 i guess). The DRV8302 can work with 6-60V my battery 14s can go up to 58.8V (no regen from the motor). I have two questions , is there any upgrade i can do to the VESC ? and if its any way i can use over 60-70Volts on the VESC ,(I will add heatsinks in DRV STM32F and VP232 and on the FETs as well. Thanks

Don’t think so otherwise we would be making them that way.

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I had read that VESC 6 could handle 14s so i guess it can be done in the 4.12 as well :wink:

Well, you could use it as it is, the absolute max of either DRV (02 or 01) is 65V but it would surely take a little bit of reliability away. Also, not sure how it could handle the voltage spikes, maybe if you dont use motor as an ebrake you might be fine. Refference: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv8302.pdf http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv8301.pdf

Hardware 6.4 still uses the DRV830x chip which still maxes at 60V. That’s a hard 60V and subject to manufacturing tolerances of up to 10%. The motor windings also have back-EMF which adds voltage too. I don’t even recommend running the VESC hardware on 12S. You definitely shoudn’t push it past that and there is no chance it can do 14S.

There is a project to raise the specs but these 16S 200A units cost £400

It wont have motor braking it has freewheel in many parts (its bottom bracket motor)

Ask Rogier Wolff from BitWizard / rew on Vedder’s forum. He has built a LM5109 based VESC ; the chip itself is good up to 100v but the controllers are still geared for 60V.

@marcos on Vedder’s forum has made big version with separate power board. No amp / village limit (like you can put it on a motorbike or a car) but not suited for a skateboard (massive sizes for IGTB).

Thats expensive as hell , i can buy a programmable ESC with the half of its price from Alien Power system

I think focbox can “survive” 13s. I suspect 14s might be already too much, especially for somewhat “brittle” maytech esc.

E: consult @Deckoz he runs 13s on focbox, i think

So yes, your only option might be the new vesc 6 alternatives (B box / Escape) or figuring out how to improve mosfets and other parts to reach higher voltage

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Y’all are forgetting he’s running an ebike

14s setup with current and no brakes is a standard config and easily done… On a focbox, or vesc6 derivative.

It’s the regenerative braking that makes 14s not possible for esk8 unless we have mechanical brakes like bikes.


Exaclty no regen braking thats where my hope is !

Anyway as soon as i get the parts and start that project i will keep you updated about it !

Would it be possible to remove this EMF on the phase wires? with some torroids and 7 wraps? I wonder if that fact can be negated…

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EMF is needed for the ESC to keep synchronization with the motor so no…you cannot get rid of the BEMF.


it will be with hall sensor :wink:

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B-box and ESCape do not run higher voltages.