DRV8302 and Under Voltage error - works after reboot. What is wrong?

I am struggling with an DRV8302 Under Voltage error. It happens whenever I am pushing the throttle quite hard. When the error occurs the VESC normally shuts down and I need to restart my board - then it works fine again. On some occations I react fast and break as soon as I notice the voltage drop and then the VESC stays on I can continue riding. You see a lot of these small voltage drops in the log.

Some background info:

Obs! When the problem first occured I had different VESC-Tool motor controller settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sykoecdbjsii98q/Skjermbilde%202017-09-01%2021.01.39.png?dl=0 The motor controller settings in the last post were used for the recorded drive (metr.at log).

What could be wrong? Is it a short? Or is it the setup? Is the BMS funky? Why does it work immidiatly afterwards/after a reboot?

My drive log: https://metr.at/r/KX1ng https://metr.at/r/KX1ng

Nobody replied? Having the same issue. Did you ever get this sorted?

Hi! I have concluded that the BMS turns itself off. It is rated for the amps and it did function correctly earlier. However it looks like the voltage goes down to a level where it is off. Unfortunately I have not has the time to look at it. It may be a short. I need to check the wiring and take the heatshrink off to see if there are any contaminat(?) that makes the short. It may also be the softswitch. I will post the solution here but it will take some weeks before I can analyse it :confused:.

This has happened to me where the bms would turn of but in my case it was the balance lead that became unplugged. Check that and an easy way to check if it is the bms is simply bypass it, if the problem remains it is something else.

Check the details of your bms because it might be hitting some kind of limit. Maybe current or low voltage of one cell or something else.

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Thanks. I will check the balance wires.

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So this was my buddies issue similar things…