DRV8302 can someone check my work?

Hey Builders I did change my DRV8302 with a hot air gun… can someone check my work?


Looks fine

holy shit those phase wire solder pads :dizzy_face:

Looks like he just cut the wires and left the ends soldered to the pads

that’s still allooooooooott of solder

yes its cut…


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It’s alway hard to juge with just only a picture, best tricks I can give you Is to try it first with a low voltage power pack (with not much current) to make sure everything power up the right way.


Careful not to short the fet in the top left

This is where a Lab Power Supply comes in real handy.

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its about the DRV8203… let my mosfets be… lol

Not really, I use a 15V 3Amp power pack that I’ve found at work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok but the pin looks almost shorted, if not shorted… Just make sure it’s not

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If you knew my power supply, you’d love her to.:wink:


A good trick to ensure all those little legs are attached, is to after you have hot-air-soldered it, press them with a small flat-head screwdriver and heat with a soldering iron. Another way, which needs more careful solder applying, is to apply just enough, certainly not too much solder on center ground pad(which is good to do anyways), then use hot air, and when it has reached the melting point, push the chip down, so it really attaches every leg. And before soldering, ensure the legs are slightly bent downwards or perfectly level.

About the pin near the phase, although it looks like a short, it usually doesn’t spread past that gap easily.

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i clean it now… thx it look like flux

Also just clean those pad

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:sweat_smile: the problem was: after i instal the FOC mode i had a fault DRV8302 and the red led was blinking

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just clean the damn solder pads :joy: