DRV8302 errors all bad?

Hey all,

So I just had to give FOC a try. I uploaded a fresh firmware (2.18) and immediately switched to FOC and wrote the configuration. I followed Benjamin’s FOC tutorial he has on YouTube and everything configured and detected okay. Got my nunchuck all setup and went out for a ride.

The board feels amazing and is a different sensation than BLDC mode. I rode the board home and immediately plugged it in to see if I had tripped any faults - DRV 8302s errors of course. Should I be concerned? My VESC still functions perfectly and nothing spectacularly wrong happened on the road while riding except for having to reconnect my Kama a couple times. Should I be concerned?

My setup is:

  • Ollin 4.12 VESC w/ 2.18 firmware
  • 12s MEB stealth battery
  • 190kv 6374 r-spec motor

Edit: I should also mention that I can’t see anything visibly wrong with the DRV chip… looks in tact to me.

If your board ride okay, it should be fine. It could be that the connections of your VESC with the computer are not correctly installed. Otherwise feel free to post photo of the VESC as well as the PC and the way you connect the VESC to the PC. It would gave us better perspective in investigating your issue.

Can you post screenshots of your settings?

Here’s how it’s physically connected, nothing out of the ordinary aside from a long USB cable:

Here are the settings pages… I think I got everything necessary, but let me know if I missed one:

Edit: Setting screenshots should be accurate now :slight_smile:

You may have trouble if you try and go back to bldc mode.

I just went for another ride down the street, changing the eRPM limit down to 60k just to be safe… I think it’s done for. Didn’t make it very far this time. Do you see anything wrong with those FOC settings @chaka?

I’ll be PM’ing you here shortly about the DRV as well… :sweat:

Yeah it will need to be fixed, this is why I do not recommend using FOC mode it has fried a lot of hardware. Send it in and I will get it back in operation. :wink:

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