DRV8302 Fault... Any Fix?

I already checked for burn marks… nothing. Checked for punctures in wires, nothing. Is this something I can fix or need to be replaced?

you’ll probably want to post close up pics and summon the wizard… @JohnnyMeduse

close up pics of what exactly?

The vesc. Specially the drv chip

which one is that? lol

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Is it when braking? Witch ESC Brand? FOC or BLDC mode?

I solved mine with this (on FOC): http://vedder.se/forums/viewtopic.php?t=68

I think the skateboard stopped working when I was about to brake. I used diyelectricskateboard’s VESC. And I used BLDC

You can still connect it to the Vesc-Tool right?

make sure to include a screen shot of your setting if you can, could speed things up getting it diagnosed…

What do you want me to screenshot?

Your motor and pwm settings.

Sorry for late response but this is my motor and pwm settings

ERPM Limit to 100’000. Keep it at 60’000.

As stated set the erpm limit to 60.000. Everything else seems fine. What are the specs of your board? Upload a pic of the vesc & the motor advanced tab.

I got two turnigy 5000 20C batteries connected in series, turnigy 213kv 6364, and diy vesc 4.12

Your settings are okay. Although your batt max settings are a bit low in my opinion. Does the motor spin when you push throttle?

You have three options:

  1. Solder on another drv yourself
  2. Let somebody else repair it for you, like @JohnnyMeduse
  3. Buy a new vesc

There is no way of fixing it without modifying or repairing the physical VESC?

You’ll have to replace the drv chip on the vesc. If you have experience with soldering you can try it yourself.