DRV8302 fault by wrong setup?

Hey so I finished my build with some modifications to the original post. For the battery I used two Turnigy 5S1P 1300mAh Graphene Lipos in series and and bought a complete VESC 4.12.

I did the motor measurements with a 15V power supply some time ago before I got the battery so I plugged in a rc remote for testing and spun the motors after setting up the remote. After spinning them for 10s without any load I tried it again and it didn´t work. DRV8302 fault :confused:

Any important settings to make the VESC work with my new DRV chip and 10S 245kv setup?


Here is what i found out, for first turning up u need 12v not 15v or 3s batt. motor detection, u need to connect the battery u will use. different amp and voltage result different values on motor. which can drv fault happens.

and I dont know which 4.12 u use but if it’s firmware 2.18 it may has current ramping bug under advance section. default is 0.04 if goes over like 0.4 it can fry it too.

hope it helps

Vesc 4.12 ERPM safe limit is 60k With 245kv motor and 42v (10s) your no load ERPM would be 72k Exceeding the ERPM limit can cause DRV fault

Yea… I think that’s what caused it too

So setting a limit on the erpm should solve this?

well, drvfault is permanent damage, so you have to replace. try flashing firmware it might work again.

Yea so I replaced the chip. Setting a erpm limit and then doing the motor measurements should work right?