DRV8302 flames, I'm looking for an answer why it burned

Hello guys, please im asking for help. My DRV chip burn out

and im looking for some solution, why it happened. It looks like some short circuit between power and logic 1

I will be very glad for any help

P.S. im already do not give up and try the solder new chip

Just get a local guy to do it for you, he will take 10$ (15min job maybe)and you will be happy with a replaced drv :smiley: I would not risk it unless i was really good at soldering

You’ve lifted at least 2 pads removing the DRV. :frowning:

they have risen themselves because they have no underlying (PCB under them is burnt). :frowning:

It sound good, but nobody want to handle soldering with burned PCB :smiley:

im alone with this quest.

but need to know why this happened

Try hobbyking Warranty RMA send pics of the burnt thing and ask for refund/Replacement. And wow they advertise Vesc 4.12 but you can read 4.10

I always saw 4.10 on the HobbyKing website description, don’t know where you did see 4.12 Oo

Advertisement can differ from country to country but pretty sure they never say it was 4.12.

I remember a while back reading hobbyking write its vesc 4.12 lemme search maybe I can find a topic here that talks about it.

No need to search ! I believe you, I just share my info on the subject.

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HK are 4.10