DRV8302 Problem (Red Blinking Light)

I have recently bought Two Vescs from enertionboards.com and after use one of them for about an hour, it suddenly stopped working. I then plugged the vesc in the bldc tool and found out that there was a DRV8302 fault code. Now i don’t know what to do with this fault code. I would really appreciate if someone could guide me through the process of fixing the Vesc. Thank you very much.

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Do u have any experience in soldering small chip? or do u know anyone nearby that could help soldering for u? if so, i highly suggest that u replace the DRV chip with a new one :smile: because thats what I did with mine. hahaha. Theres a link in youtube about replacing DRV


Unfortunately i have no experience in soldering small chips. I could always attempt it but i highly doubt i will succeed. But isn’t that kind of problem covered under enertion’s 60 day guarantee ? If not, do you know someone who could do it for me or even yourself? I can ship it and pay for the work. Thanks for the help

Do you know what might of caused this fault code? the reason i ask is because i have a second vesc that i didnt use yet and dont want to do the same mistake.

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yep, you should address this problem to @onloop. My previous caused of this fault code was, I accidentally shorted the bullet connectors from VESC to the motor and poof, there goes my DRV. My advice, heat shrink every expose bullet connector, and everything that you might think can cause “poof”. I didnt do any repair at the moment as I am too busy with my Final Year Project in Portsmouth. But you can ask any other forum member if they are willing to do it. Cheers

Thank you very much for your help, I will heat shrink the hell out of my other vesc and contact onloop as per your advice.

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