Dual 6354 with 15mm belts

So I’m just wondering but does anyone have any experience with running dual 6354 motors and 15mm belts on a 180mm trucks? If so how much space will I have between my motors?

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I know 12mm works and depending on the motor you will have a couple of mm between them. Sk3 motors are bigger in length due to the curved housing at the end while tourqueboards motors are almost flat on the end.

i´m not aware of any combination that would allow two 15mm. Even 12mm is not possible with all combination, but should work on most. I´m running 2x 12mm with clone Enertion mounts and dual 6355 Maytech on a caliber truck with 83mm flywheel clones. There is barely 1mm of space between both motors :wink:

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Ok thanks for the information, looks like I might need some bigger trucks!

Thanks and I will be using SK3 motors

You could go with tourqueboards 213mm trucks, I am running dual 6374 with it

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The latest version of TB mounts have all the bolts recessed and flush to allow tighter clearance between the motor plate and pulley

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I would do that but shipping to Aus is kinda expensive. I think I’ll just use a 10 or 12mm belt

@pat.speed 15mm should fit on our 180mm Trucks. They will definitely fit on our 218mm Trucks. We also have 15mm pulleys now as well (not listed on the site yet).

When can we buy the 15mm pulleys?

@Joshuaward101 You can buy from the site and mention you want a 15mm pulley in the order notes and we’ll send you 15mm. Any issues and we’ll let you know otherwise.

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I have TorqueBoards 218mm dual 6374 motors set that you can check out. Search marcmt88.