Dual 6355 / 15mm drivetrain / caliber 2 trucks?

Hello! I am planning on upgrading my current board to a dual rear 6355. I think I will Go for diys Vesc and motors, but want to use the caliber 2 i allready have. I also want to use 15mm belts as i got them as well.

So the question is: have anyone had succes fitting 2 6355 motors with 15mm belts, on regular calibers?




Wow that looks pretty tight! Very Nice hardware though.

Have you tried it running with this setup? Looks like the motors may hit each other…

As a guy explained to me, there is normally a few mm extra thread after the wheel nuts. You can use this to your advantage by using extra speed rings to further space the wheels. Every mm helps! Just as long as the nylon part on the nylon is still in contact you should be good.

As I am pretty light (55 kg), i actually dont know If the dual 6355 will be neccesery? I may get almost as good performance with a single 6374?

Braking and traction is the main reason I’m loving dual.

6374 should be enough power, but it’s nice to have 2 motors in case something fails.

I have never run dual anything. A single 6355 or 5065 is all you need. Dual motors add traction, better braking, at more cost, but they’re not necessary.

Yes it can be done, Unik motor mount post by Jedi is exactly 113mm between the inside surface of the mounts so max motor length including the can caps is 56mm.

Unfortunately so far, I cannot find any motors with sensors that does not exceed 56mm. Sensors increases the length of the can a little bit. Jedi’s pic is sensor-less motors FYI.

APS sells 6355 that is exactly 55mm which can be custom made for you here.

By “regular” Calibers, I assume you mean 184.5mm hanger trucks and not clone Calibers as in DIY 218mm? If you go for precision Calibers, you can have custom axle bolts made for different axle lengths, etc.

P.S. If any of you find 6355 sensored motors that is 56mm or less lengthwise at 170kv or the seller can customize the Kv, please let me know!