Dual 6355 230kv | 12s4p | Tourqeboards | VESC 4.13 |

I apologize in advance for the severe lack in pictures/videos. I was not expecting to make a build topic on this, as it is not an innovative build. But hey, thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone wants to do a TB build!

Thanks to Torqueboards for supplying everything but the deck and wheels! You rock :call_me_hand: :smile:

Aight. Where to start!

Oh yes. Probably the beginning.

A long time ago (2015) when I was a little squirt (17) I decided to build myself an electric longboard! So I did. And posted that build to instructables.

Look over it if you want. Its a bit sad, and I really need to go and add a few paragraphs on why a single 5056 280kv motor is NOT the way to go :joy: It was all incredibly DIY though right down to the deck paint job, and I am proud that I was able to pull it off! It functioned. It looked beautiful. It impressed all my friends and parents and siblings.


But no amount of pride makes mediocrity, if not down right poor, any better lol. The ESC burned out on me twice, the motor could not take much of a grade at all, and the housing allowed water and dirt to get in.

So I decided to build a new and improved board with DUAL drive. Took me a few years and a better job, but with double the budget of the old build in my pocket, I felt well equipped to make a real go-getter. And holy cow I did. So much so that it hurts. Literally. (More on that later)

Over the course of two years, as my budget allowed, I started collecting items. Not having much time or money due to large college loads, and after the experience with my first board, I decided I wanted to go with PURPOSE BUILT parts. Seeing as the E-skate community was blowing up I knew there would be some quality parts out there I could use. Especially in the motor and ESC categories.

I collected:

A deck off Ebay. 97mm Wheels. x2 TB 6355mm 230kv motors. x2 TB 7480 190kv motors A Torqueboards dual drive kit. x2 18T motor pullies (back when TB made those, rip) x2 36T Wheels pullies Pack of 9mm x 380mm belts x3 4s 16000mAh 10C Lipo batteries

Using these, I began to assemble my board over the course of those two years, making a few changes in the last weeks (Literally a month ago)

At that point, everything was looking alright. Unless you looked at the bottom of the board. (Here I was testing a single motor set up with this new motor to compare it to the single motor set up on m y old board. New size motor was IMPRESSIVE to me!) 20180828_214755

Here I was testing one of the 7480 170kv motors. YIKES tons of torque!! :grimacing: (Note I moved it down to an 8s setup lol) 20181014_204913

In the meantime, I grabbed some parts off Ebay, so I could do a thing I wanted to do with my old board; LIGHTS 20180913_235517 20180913_235437 More on those at the end of this build topic! (If this topic is worth anything, its those lights lol)

Anyway, the batteries were just too big, and the C rating (which I thought would be offeset enough by their capacity) were just not working for me. So I bought a TB 12s4p battery.

And an enclosure, because up until then everything was ducktaped to the board :grimacing:

So I ordered those.

In speed tests I had done with my single drive versions of board, I KNEW I was going to be hitting a crazy top speed with dual. So I rightfully geared up. Kneepads, motorcycle torso protection, and a fullface helmet off Ebay.

In a fit of LED flue I also grabbed some EL wire and tricked out my helmet. For safety of course. It was a bit of a messy process. Epoxy was not the way to go. In all I used 3 EL wires. Two 2M bluewires, and 1 3M white wire. I threaded the battery-ends of both blue EL wires through holes I drilled in the ventilation holes at the back of the helmet. 20180921_160920 (Clearly my right drilling hole was my first :confused: )

And epoxied them around the helmet in a slick design 20180921_152204

The white wire I strung out from the left temple joint of the helmet. I removed the plastic tab that covered the joint screw in order to do this. I was sure to cut more of a slot then a hole to ensure the helmet flip up would still function properly without pinching the wire. Hence the very bad looking hole. (20180921_161021|666x500 I was sure the plastic tab would still be able to snap back in place to cover up that monstrosity of a hole :smile:

. I had to wait for a 3-way split connector so I could connect all three wires to the power at the same time. Until then… Helmet Left side blue wires with the front of the helmet down. 20180920_223239

And with front of the helmet flipped up. 20180920_223309

White front wire! 20180921_210145 20180921_210210 20180921_210156

That three way connector FINALLY came 20181009_162348 20181009_162554 20181009_162355 20181009_162500 20181009_162602

Board/helmet picture time! 20181009_203253

. Anyway, all EL fun and games over, I got my battery and a proper enclosure, and screwed it all together! Again, sorry for the terrible photos :joy::sweat: 20190126_214946 20190204_203233

Beautiful dual-drive! And working on some cheap racing stripes :)) Thanks TB for the enclosure!

Note the two LED strips.

Generally I was able to get up to 29mph on one motor. Acceleration felt a bit weak and I would and needed to give just the slightest kick from a standstill. (Sensorless) Breaking from 20mph to 3-5mph took about 6 seconds (which is quite a bit for road use) and at the end of the breaking period the break would feel pretty weak. So much so that I would usually footbreak.

I added that second motor in, and WOW. It makes a HUGE diffrence.

My top speed shot from 29mph, to somewhere probably in the 38-40s (I have yet to dare to try it thx to weak stock brushings I need to change out :I) My range went down about 3-4 miles. I no longer need to kick on acceleration (Sensorless) My acceleration makes my smile every time. I can beat any car from a dead stop at a stop light, and make it across the road before they catch up. (It also sounds strong, and no longer like a whiny motor is going to kill itself lol) Controlled breaking from 25mph takes about 4 seconds, and feels strong, firm, and stable.

My motors are noticeably less hot (if even warm) after a run vs when I was running a single motor. This probably goes for the dual VESCs too. I pull less amps per motor when accelerating. And can put down more breaking power whenever needed. The chance of my belts snapping and/or teeth slipping are REALLY REALLY low because they share the strain of all forces asked of them. Did I mention better breaking?

My confidence in boarding on roads aside cars has shot WAY up, and I am actually able to feel safer during the rides, which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

After tasting what dual motors feels like, I will never, EVER, EVERRR go back to single motor :wink:

Of course with confidence comes higher and more dangerous speeds. I do wear full head protection, along with motorcycle armor for my chest, back, and arms, as well as knee/shin pads. I also always wear jeans, and usually some sort of longsleeve (I prefer hoodies) I have taken a spill at 35~mph, and only came out with 3 little skinned spots on one inner elbow(I have no idea how they got there. My longsleeve jacket was completely intact), and sore outer thigh and ego. No blood at all.

FINAL SPECS: 35+mph top speed (can’t get there because speed wobbles. I need to go get some better brushings, and probably an anglespacer (Brushing help? There are so many different densities, shapes, and positions (front truck back truck ect) that I am just totally confused on how to actually make my board more stable at higher speeds.) 15 mile range.

I even added a small removable tailcarry in case I wanted to carry something! (I use this small bag to store the charger and a few tools and spare belt that I never ever E-board without!) 20190126_214917 .




The best part (aside from the great speed and performance) is the RGBW LEDs though

I wired them off a little step-down converted that is wired directly to the battery. I can control them wirelessly via an app on my phone. Any color I want (via a color wheel) Any brightness, and with the ability to synch with music I can also connect my Charge 4 and become a rolling disco party! Purple is my favorite color, so it’s usually set to that. Green is most visible at night though, so I will usually have it set to that when it starts to get dark.

My EL helmet is awesome, but its big and the epoxy holding the EL wire is not the best at connecting smooth surfaces. So, I went out and bought a 3/4 Bitwell helmet with a chrome bubbleshield. And I LOVE IT!!! The visibility is 200% better. It’s smaller and more compact, and weighs less. (Ignore the paper, setting up for a new spider-inspired EL display :wink:) 20190127_004358 20190127_005024

I love this helmet so much, that I even take it airsofting now (Along with my motorcycle gear). It beats wearing sweat-inducing goggles any day, and provides great peripheral vision too- almost as if I am wearing nothing at all!. Plus, it is the most unique helmet on the field (and road) for sure. So much so that I earned the nickname “Robocop” at that airsoft field.

Robocop loves his modded KRISS Vector! :gun: :smiling_imp: 2018-12-30_222729 2018-12-30_222844 2018-12-30_224443 2018-12-30_225546 2018-12-30_225644

Don’t bother asking why I have better airsoft pictures then e-board picures! :joy: 20181231_0922292 :gun: :call_me_hand:


The helmet also self-clears fogging. There is a small gap where the bubble visor snaps to the helmet. When air rushes over this while I ride my board, it will clear any fogging that I may have created. Pretty niffty!


Thanks for reading this long drawn out post with no real rhyme or reason at all!

I will be adding (QUALITY) photos/videos of my LONGBOARD to this thread as I get them! :joy:

Stay cool, stay safe, stay awesome fellow dudes and dudettes! :call_me_hand:



Oh! I just want to add a quick little reminder here! :slight_smile:

Safety gear PLEASE wear it!! Even just a helmet works.

I am super cautious, so I got went a bit overboard with gear before even tasting high (21+mph) speeds.

I protect my head (Full 3/4 helmet with visor) My hands (Motorcycle gloves) My arms and torso (Full motorcycle armor) and my knees and shins (Knee/shin armor) Also long sleeves and jeans!!

Because of this, I took a spill at about 35mph (57kph), slid about 15 feet (4.5 meters) and only suffered a sore outer thigh and three little (heat?) abrasions. No blood at all!!

Respect the road, speed, and forces you are playing with. The LEAST you can do is wear a helmet. The second least you can do is wear knee pads and gloves.

Also play in your head- If I am going to fall, HOW am I going to fall?

‘Running it out’ at 20mph will likely result in a broken or sprained ankle and a sound face flop. At high speeds you will want to slide it out. And that requires road-to-you abrasion. Lots of it. The road will act like 5grit (incredibly rough) sandpaper all down your toes, knees, shins, stomach, elbows, forearms, and possibly helmet. Armour those parts of yourself up if you plan to reach high speeds!!

Be safe at high speeds!! :pray: You will not regret it :wink:


I completely understand where you are coming from with the confidence of two motors. I started the same with a very cheap single motor board with rc gear and it won’t but not well.

I’ve since made 3 boards and they are much better and confidence inspiring.

Good job on the build and I love the el helmet.

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I also very much agree with the safety gear, I’ve taken a fall at 60km/h. I only had a helmet at that point but I was very lucky to only have some cuts and sore joints. I since have knee pads and gloves and need to look into a chest/back protector.

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Looks like you have learned some I remember seeing your post on instrucables and thought I could do that soon realized I needed more money for better parts so I only had to buy once. Awesome helmet too

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I stumbled upon this after i skipped off the pavement with my back 3 weeks ago.

Seems like they are clearing out inventory. Loving it so far. 5’9’’ 150lbs


Dual drive is no joke! And neither is the speed it brings us :smiling_imp: I’m glad your fall went reasonably well for you! Definitely look into some chest/back protection at those speeds. The dual drive gives me half the confidence to go fast. All the safety gear I wear gives me the other half of the confidence to go fast, and the confidence that when I fall (and it has and WILL happen again) I can fall, fall right, and not need to endure the pain of roadrash :slight_smile:


I have learned tons since then from you forum goers. My wallet hates me now! :smile: I am so glad you continued to look into E-boards so you only had to buy once!

So far it seems I am the only one with this kind of helmet! Its quickly becoming my personal ‘signature’ style :yum:

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I’ve got their sport vest and I like how it fits, makes me feel more confident while riding fast. Feels like a quality piece.

There is one other person I have seen on here that has a helmet lite like that.

Have you though about lowering the angle of you rear truck with wedges or a different baseplate to help with wobbles?

I have. I am going to grab some wedges tomorrow. I don’t know if they will lower the angle enough though, so I may need to invest in different baseplates

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Even a few degrees makes a lot of difference. I went from f/b 45/50 to 45/43 with a few duro harder bushing in the back and my board is noticeably more stable. Soon all that will stop you from going 40 is fear of the asphalt!

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Awesome! I had grabbed some harder brushings off ebay, but they were cheap. I got what I payed for :roll_eyes:

I’m going to the local skate shop.

And yes, asphalt…

That moment you hit super bad/rough asphalt at speed, and suddenly you can’t feel your board, or your feet, due to the excessive nerve-numbing vibration, and start to wonder if you are even still on your board, then realize that you have no way to know how you are controlling your board because you can’t feel pressure anywhere on your foot, and contemplate jumping to save yourself because slowing down to a reasonable speed seems to be taking FOREVER because you don’t want to break because even if you did you wouldn’t know how much pressure to put on your back foot because you can’t feel your back foot any more


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