Dual 6355 Torqueboard, 12S2P Samsung 40T, Landyachts Evo 36 Deck #MadMaxMini

This is my #MadMaxMini V2. I recently got into building eboards a few months back and wanted to share my latest custom board. Really satisfied with the dual 6355 Torqueboard motors. I live right next to San Francisco in Daly City where hills are steep as hell, this board kills hills and goes twice faster than my first board Boosted Mini S.

I think 6355 motors are great in terms power and also keeping the board more portable which was my goal. This board actually started with a 28inch deck but I realized the small decks cannot go faster than 20mph, you can but it gets very wobbly and unstable at high speeds. I changed the deck twice, once to a 33 inch deck and then finally to the Evo 36 Deck.

Here’s a video of me beating the bus in my city for the first time ever, I was really proud:

While Evo 36 Deck is a bit small you can still go pretty fast I feel pretty safe cruising around 25mph, can go easily 35mph but I broke one of my ribs a few months back so I take it easy now.

While this board is plenty fast, I am going to build a bigger/faster board using dual 6374 motors soon on a bigger board. You can never have enough speed!

Current Setup: Landyachtz Evo 36 Spectrum Longboard Deck from DaddiesBoardShop($135):

The Landyachtz Evo 36-inch deck is very stable at high speeds and gives you very good carving with very stable stance thanks to the drop-down deck. It is a little smaller than regular longboard decks but that’s what makes it a “mini” so you can lug it around easily like a mini skateboard. If you want longboard stability but slightly smaller form factor, I highly recommend this deck.

Dual Torqueboard 6355 Motors($180):

Very good open-type motors, maximum current is 80 amps.

Flipsky Trucks & Motor Mounts($60): https://flipsky.net/collections/accessories/products/fs-front-truck

These are just some trucks and mounts I ordered on Flipsky, they are not bad.

Flipsky 4.20 Plus($160):

I did have Flipsky 6.60 Plus in it before(but I accidentally shorted out the board) but I think 4.20 Plus is perfect for this board, just make sure to have some kind of heatsink cooling system. I have the heatsink of the Flipsky VESC attached to a metal plate on the battery box that’s exposed to the outside air. Before that I would have heating problems when going up this same hill in the video. After, my VESC is kept cool below 60 degrees Celcius as the metal plate acts as cooling system.

Awoah Mods 97mm LED Wheels($150): https://www.awoahmods.com/new-products/name-of-product

12S2P Samsung 40T Battery Pack(344wH) that I made. $6 per cell and additional $25 for 12S BMS($170)

Samsung 40T Battery Cell:

12S BMS($25): https://www.ebay.com/itm/6S-to17S-Adjustable-50A-4-2V-BMS-18650-Lithium-Battery-Protection-Balance-Board/254444565196?pageci=bb9a4aff-13fa-4edf-9dc7-e3abf4944540

Total Cost: $900

Pulley/Gearing: 16T/36T

Weight: 21 pounds (A little on the heavy side but 12S2P 344wH gives you very long range)

VESC Settings: Motor Max: 60A Motor Min: -60A Battery Max: 70A Battery Min: -30A

At full power, with motor max at 60A(per motor), that’s 120A x 44.4 = 5328 watts

I could run it higher but run the risk of burning up the VESC as it’s only rated for 100A continuous. So I don’t ever go full throttle continuously on this board but it’s too fast that I never have to.

Top Speed: 35MPH Range: 24 Miles on flat ground, getting around 12MPH in my steep hill city and I like hitting the throttle. :grin:

If you have any suggestions how I can make it better, leave your thoughts below, thanks!

Looks great! Wow those AWOAH wheels are cool.

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Thanks man! Highly appreciated!