Dual 6355 Torqueboard vs dual 6374 Flipsky on steep hill

I have one build with dual 6355 Torqueboard with Flipsky 4.20 dual plus and the other with dual 6374 Flipsky with Flipsky 6.60 dual plus. Both using 12s2p.

6355 has 16/36 gearing with 100mm MBS wheels

6374 has 15/40 gearing with 97mm abec 11 wheels

I live on a 30% grade and when I start from the hill with dual 6355 it starts up right away.

But on my dual 6374 if the board doesn’t move forward uphill right away it will sorta delay and go downhill a bit before it starts going up.

Exact same vesc settings pretty much but I am thinking that the 6355 Torqueboard motors have more torque.

Or it could be a startup bug with Flipsky 6.60 plus as I find some oddities when using it, had to flash firmware a bunch of times to get it working correctly.

Anyone experience like this?

Also my 6355 seems actually just as fast as dual 6374. Maybe Flipsky motors aren’t not as powerful inside.