Dual 6355 w/ 15mm on standard calibers [LOTS OF QUESTIONS]

As above, it should be possible but an extra speed ring or two is almost mandatory, of course wheel core size comes into play as well as mount width

You can also flip the lock nuts around and only engage a few threads. I’ve only tested this for a little while so I don’t know how long it will hold


Flip your mounts so one is under the board one is out behind the board that is what I am doing. If you mounts will allow it. It would be the cheapest way

That’s a clever idea. I’m thinking about putting some loctite on it to make up for the lost threads.

Still need to get to the metal part. Threadlocker bonds metal-metal.

Yeah, I meant if i put the nut on normally

Buy just (1) one 218 mm hanger and save all the mount-belt-pulley-motor-bracket alignment nightmare.

where can i buy just one of the hangars? also, won’t that make my board uneven?

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Pretty sure the raptor has a wider rear axle

Here’s mine set up with 15mm pulleys, just waiting for the 15mm belts to arrive. In the meantime I’m using 12mm. I used cut down spacers to get the exact spacing and I use normal wheel nuts and they get nicely onto the nylon,(just). I don’t know if this is a good idea but I found these. Do you think these might be the answer? https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID007188 (Very dodgy sounding company)

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those mounts look almost exactly the same as mine… are the enertion trucks wider than calibers? also, your motors look a good bit smaller, and your wheel pulleys are different. Maybe that also has something to do with it.

Mine are caliber trucks. The motor cans are 55mm total from the face of the motor to the end of the “nipple”. There is 1mm between motors. So the space between mounts is 111mm. Any other measurements just ask. If it gets really tight one of the motor mounting bolts heads might need to be flattened so the belt doesn’t rub.

@longhairedboy do you happen to know the exact dimensions of the totally bitchin’ motors? trying to figure out what i spaced out wrong here

i really should get some digital calipers huh… I’m on vacation right now so i can’t measure this stuff. What kind of wheels do you have? are those clones or popocas?

Popocas. They’re pretty nice.

hmmm. I’m thinking maybe the distance from the core to the edge of the wheel is less on those, meaning the pulley is a little farther out, and that a 15mm dual drivetrain isn’t possible on flywheels the way it is on kegel cores.

You care? Who cares?? …Nobody care!! Go do it. Buy the dang hanger and save all the hassle with alignment, mount, pulleys, wheels… see, I just got a hedache.

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Lets all agree to call that the yingyang drive as I picked it up on another thread it would be a good addition to the edk8 lexicon

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Have you tried to move the wheels further out on the axle?

yeah, like i said theyre already about as far out as i can get them without some special nuts